Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Sí se puede: Dolores Huerta on a November ballot measure on commercial property

The pandemic has exposed what we’ve all known to be true for a long time: None of our communities in the state was prepared for a crisis like this. The Latino community, which makes up a large proportion of essential workers, has been especially affected by this crisis.

Students Concerned About New Grading Policies

By Alex Witrago, Editorial Intern While high school students continue distance learning from their homes, many seniors are questioning...

CSU Students React to Continued Online Courses

By Dayzsha Lino, Editorial Intern Months before the 2020 fall semester, students are bracing for what to expect as...

California’s Long Plague May Just Be Starting

State and local leadership is much better than most — but that’s not going to be enough As the...

California “Berning” for Ro Khanna to Chair the State’s Delegation to Democratic National Convention

In recent days, over 110 Sanders delegates -- just elected in “virtual caucuses” across the state -- have signed a statement calling for Congressman Ro Khanna to be the chair of California’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in mid-August.

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Sails have begun. Explore the Long Beach Harbor on a Tall Ship!

The goal is to raise environmental awareness that leads to personal action to reduce marine plastic pollution and human impacts to our local coastline and its marine organisms with engaging bilingual (Spanish) materials and trained bilingual (Spanish) docents.

TRUMP, INC. What the Trump Campaign Is Up To on YouTube (Hint: It Involves Aliens, Bin Laden and Ivanka)

The president’s most recent sit-down interview? As it happens, it occurred last week on “Triggered,” a YouTube program hosted by his namesake son.

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