Tuesday, August 4, 2020


LA County Expands School-Based Intervention Programs for Young Men of Color

This funding expands the BLOOM/BAM programming offered in schools and provides young black men with resources that enable them to manage life challenges, engage in mental health services, and continue towards success

Long Beach Employs COVID-19 Health Ambassadors

Pacific Gateway trained 70 Long Beach residents to fill job roles for the emerging career field of COVID-19 response.

Fact Checked Coronavirus Myths

Last month in June 2020, Medical News Today, produced by Healthline Media UK Ltd in Brighton, UK, published a fact check of...

LB Approves New Homeless Plans

By Sarai Henriquez, Editorial Intern In Long Beach, there are an estimated 2,034 people that experience homelessness, according to...

Casual Saves Longshoreman’s Life With CPR

Bullock said he felt weird that night. He went to visit his sister, who lives near Holy Trinity Church in San Pedro for his lunch break. As he drove back to work, he said he felt strange and “tingly.”

Shelter Gave One Woman Hope

Sally Esquivel knows first-hand about being homeless in Los Angeles. In 2013 a job with a legal firm didn’t work out and...

The Truth About Antifa

Trump inadvertently outs himself Violent instigators have hijacked peaceful protests and demonstrations. — U.S. Attorney Nick Trutanich

San Pedro NCs Oppose Planned Development

On July 13, the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council voted 9-2 to support the appeal of a four-story apartment complex at 1309-1331...

Budget Focuses on Maintaining Community Service, Employment

This article was updated to reflect the fact that the city is aiming to pay for some capital improvements to local parks...

How To Understand COVID-19 Numbers

Viewed on their own, presented without context, coronavirus numbers don’t always give an accurate picture of how the pandemic is being...