Thursday, July 9, 2020
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George Floyd/BLM Protests


Two Black leaders of the CFT, with long histories of fighting for racial equity, say they could not help being profoundly moved by the murder itself, and the outpouring of rage in response

San Pedro Statues Graffitied With Colonizer

At about 7 a. m. a member of the community was at the beach when she noticed that blood-red paint had been poured over the heads of these two statues

West Coast Dockworkers Will Observe Juneteenth

Events celebrating Juneteenth and the push for racial and social justice are being organized by dockworkers at West Coast ports, including Los Angeles/Long Beach, the Bay Area, and Puget Sound.

Strike Wave in Yakima Valley Demands Safer Working Conditions, Hazard Pay

Safer working conditions and an extra $2 an hour in hazard pay are the two main demands at the center of work...

Oakland Caravans in Protest

Protesters caravan through Oakland

Federal Authorities in Los Angeles Responding to Looting and Other Criminal Acts Unrelated to Peaceful Protests

Federal authorities are also coordinating federal resources with state and local partners, and will consider bringing federal criminal cases where appropriate.

Long Beach Mirrors Protests Across the Country

By Joseph Baroud, Contributing Writer People of all races, color and creed flocked to downtown Long Beach Sunday afternoon in solidarity with the protests against...

George Floyd protests: reporters targeted by police and crowds

More than 50 incidents of violence and harassment against media workers were reported on social media and in news outlets on Friday and Saturday, according to a tally the Guardian collated.

Behind the anti-shutdown protests: protecting Wall Street and corporate profits

These critics often overlook the role of the right-wing mega donors who back the organizations that are instigating these protests.

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