Random Happening: Gathering For The Gathering

Lakota Native American Man at Pow Wow. Photo courtesy of Unsplash

As Indigenous People’s Day (the “holiday” formerly known as Columbus Day) approaches — and the fissures and tensions in the collapsing dominant culture widen — Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and their fellow travelers will once again bring forth traditional wisdom and teachings at the 16th Annual Many Winters Gathering Of Elders or MWGOE, Oct. 6 to 9, at Angels Gate Cultural Center. 

One of the messages that rang through all the previous MWGOE’s was the importance of autonomy and grassroots activism. It is in that spirit that Cornelius Projects in San Pedro will host an event, to gather from the four directions, to raise funds for this sacred and necessary cause at 5 p.m., Aug. 6. 


As one of the Elders once said, “Talk your prayer, sing your prayer, dance your prayer, work your prayer!” With the help and support of the community, Cornelius projects will gather musicians, speakers, artists, and soulful troublemakers.

An Acoustic Fundraiser For the 16th Many Winters Gathering Of Elders features Louis Robles Jr., Josh Andujo, George Funmaker, Juan Castillo, The Mourners, Chencho, Sallee Free, plus more. Food will be provided by LA Food Not Bombs. 

There is a suggested donation of $20

Time: 5 p.m. Aug. 6

Cost: Free

Details: 310- 266-9216

Venue: Cornelius Projects 1417 S. Pacific Ave. San Pedro


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