LBPD Responds to Former Officer Death Threats Against Shaun King


LONG BEACH— On June 25, the Long Beach Police Department issued a press release on the death threats against activist Shaun King on social media, saying the department was “appalled and deeply disturbed” by the posts.

Earlier that day, King posted an article that included screenshots from a private Facebook group for Californian police officers. Several members of the group expressed plans to kill King for his activism. 

The LBPD said that three of its former officers were identified by the article, but that none of its current officers were a part of the group. The LBPD also said that one of its current officers had the same name as one of the members of the group, but that said LBPD officer had no involvement with the group. 

King expressed concern over who to contact in this situation, as he did not believe that any law enforcement system would adequately handle this.

The LBPD said it is currently investigating this but has not yet started a criminal investigation. The LBPD has also requested assistance from the FBI.


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