The ABCs Of Contact Tracing

To understand how important this is, hear from contract tracers:

Contact tracing is a simple, confidential process that has been used by public health departments for decades to slow the spread of infectious diseases and avoid outbreaks.During the COVID-19 pandemic, the county has deployed nearly 1,600 contact tracers and an additional 900 are now being trained. These specialists come from LA County’s Department of Public Health or DPH, as well other county departments, the state, and the City of Los Angeles. To help LA County flatten the COVID-19 curve, understand the ABCs of contact tracing:

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, expect a contact tracer to contact you by phone to ask you about the places you have been, and the people you have been around while you were infectious. 

The people you tell us about will also be contacted, but will not be told your name or contact information. They will also be asked to stay home to help prevent others from getting sick.

If you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, expect a contact tracer to contact you by phone to ask you if you are experiencing any symptoms, have been tested, and to ask about places that you may have been to.

In order to avoid you getting mixed up with another person, please provide contact tracers with complete and correct information.

Contact tracers will provide you with information on next steps based on your responses. They may call you more than once to check how you are doing during your 14 days at home, and will provide you with information on how to find a doctor and/or access COVID-19 testing.

Contact tracers will leave a call back number if necessary. If they cannot reach you by phone, they will send a letter.

Please answer their calls and call them back if they leave a message. The information you provide is protected by HIPAA.

Please note a contact tracer will never ask you for a social security number, payment, information about your finances, documented status, or detailed health information.

LA County DPH has a hotline for confirmed cases of COVID-19. If you have not yet connected with a contact tracer, call the COVID-19 Case Info Line toll-free at 1-833-540-0473.

Contact tracing is an important tool for helping flatten the curve in LA County. And now that you know more about it, we hope you’ll work closely with our contact tracers, should they have a need to call you down the road.



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