Museums Closed But Public Art Is Open


“Art plays a central role in making Los Angeles a vibrant and culturally rich City by educating local residents, enhancing the economy, and creating memorable landscapes in public places and spaces.”

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin released, June 17, a Public Art map of 200 sculptures, installations, murals and photos that exist in and on buildings, at parks and elsewhere throughout Los Angeles. The map makes the City’s Public Art database — overseen by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) — available to Angelenos for the first time. Users can navigate the map to see the name of the artwork, its location, the name of the artist(s) and what type of art it is.

The Public Art map accompanies his report on the larger City Art Collection, which is separate from the Public Art database. Also overseen by DCA, the City Art Collection is composed of 2,500 additional paintings, murals, sculptures, lithographs and photographs displayed at public buildings, on loan or in storage. 

“Public art is a central part of our communities in Los Angeles,” said Controller Galperin. “It inspires creativity and enhances landscapes in our neighborhoods. My hope is that the new database will encourage Angelenos to visit public art throughout the City at a time when our local museums and cultural centers remain closed due to COVID-19.”