Ballot Recommendations for the March 3 Primary Election

2020 Primary Elections

Measure R, Civilian Police Oversight Commission, and Jail Plan Initiative: YES
Summary: The measure would give the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission the authority to subpoena witness testimony and documents in order to conduct independent investigations.

The measure would require the commission to conduct a feasibility study on how the $3.5 billion budgeted for jail expansion could instead be used for reducing the jail population through mental health treatments, youth centers, and other programs.

Pros: The measure would provide transparency and accountability for law enforcement to eliminate corruption from jails and the sheriff’s department. There would be an investment in mental health treatment in jail facilities and a reduction in jail populations and incarcerations.

Cons: The measure would continue to use the current investigative model as the office of the inspector general and Civilian Oversight Commission have been effective as is and no changes would be necessary.

Measure FD, Parcel Tax: YES
Summary: A $0.06 per square foot tax levy on parcel improvements that would ensure firefighters and paramedics have the necessary equipment and facilities to do their jobs. The tax would provide $134 million annually until it is ended by voters.

Pros: The increase would go towards the County Fire Department. This would provide more resources for firefighters and first responders to ensure a quick response time to the county. This ensures that first responders are available for any emergency such as fires or any that are health-related.

Cons: The measure was put on the ballot without a majority of public input. The measure gives the voters outside of the taxed area the ability to increase other peoples’ taxes. There would be an increase in taxes to property owners.

Proposition 13: YES
Summary: California Proposition 13, the School and College Facilities Bond. Proposition 13 would authorize $15 billion in bonds for school and college facilities in California, including $9 billion for preschool and K-12 schools, $4 billion for universities and $2 billion for community colleges.

Pros: It would modernize existing schools to keep them up to date.

Cons: The state could not sell $15 billion in general obligation bonds to fund education facility projects. The state also would not make changes to school districts’ and community college districts’ existing local borrowing limits or the existing rules for school districts to levy developer fees.

City of Long Beach Measures

YES on Measure A would extend the transaction and use tax that was passed in 2016. At the time that Long Beach voters approved the Transactions and Use Tax (“TUT”), it was enacted for a period of 10 years on the sale and/or use of all tangible personal property sold at retail in the city, at a rate of one cent for the first six years of the tax (Jan. 1, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2022) and declining to one-half percent for the remaining four years of the tax (Jan. 1, 2023 – Dec. 31, 2026), with the tax scheduled to sunset on Jan. 1, 2027.

The measure would extend the term of the Transactions and Use Tax beyond 2027 for general purposes to fund important city services, including public safety services, at the following rates: (i) from Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2022 — at one cent on the sale and/or use of all tangible personal property sold at retail in the city, (ii) from Jan. 1, 2023 through Sept. 30, 2027, at a rate of three-quarter of a cent and after Oct. 1, 2017, again at a rate of one cent.

YES on Measure B would increase the transient occupancy tax by one percent from 6 to 7% with these funds going into the city’s general funds account.

LAUSD 7th District School Board Seat
(Florence-Firestone, Watts, Gardena, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro)
This is an open seat because Los Angeles Unified School District board member Richard Vladovic is termed out in December 2020.

We’ve spent more than the usual time on covering this school board election because it is the first time in 12 years and the battle over charter schools vs. public has now come to a head. Clearly this seat needs a representative that can hold charter school accountable and represent the public school option. Silke Brandford seems to be the one most prepared to accomplish this.

Silke Bradford: teacher and school administrator at charter and district-run campuses; charter school regulator for Oakland Unified, Los Angeles County, and now for Compton Unified [RLN endorsed]

Patricia Castellanos: deputy director of Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and co-founder of Reclaim Our Schools Los Angeles

Lydia Gutiérrez: math teacher; previous candidate for this seat and for state schools superintendent

Mike Lansing: leads the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor, held this LAUSD board seat between 1999 and 2007.

Tanya Ortiz Franklin: lawyer, former teacher, now works for the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, which operates several high-need LAUSD schools.

What follows is the secretary of state’s certified list ofF presidential candidates and candidates for voter-nominated offices for the March 3, 2020, presidential primary election. It comes from the office of the secretary of state, The state of California.

Presidential Primary Election – March 3, 2020
Certified List of Candidates as of 12/26/2019

Clearly this Democratic Primary election is critical for both our state and the nation, as well as , the future of the Democratic Party itself. In the past 35 years the party has nominated moderate liberals as their standard bearer with mixed results. Since the Reagan era of trickle-down economics there hasn’t not been one candidate that has redefined Democratic Party platform more than Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist. Although the moderate leadership and most of the corporate media are scared of Sanders what he has stood for is nothing more than FDR’s Second Bill of Rights, as opposed to the neo-liberalism of Clinton et al. For this Sanders deserves his shot at taking down Trump who even with his current rise in the polls could be beaten by almost anyone of the top five democratic candidates in a fair election. It remains to be seen if Trump cheats his way into another electoral college victory but what does seem apparent is that Bernie Sanders has the momentum to take on this challenge which is why RLnews is once again endorsing him.– The editorial starff

Democratic Contenders for the Presidency
Joseph R. Biden (Dem)
Michael R. Bloomberg (Dem)
Mosie Boyd (Dem)
Pete Buttigieg (Dem)
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente III (Dem)
Michael A. Ellinger (Dem)
Tulsi Gabbard (Dem)
Mark Stewart Greenstein (Dem)
Amy Klobuchar (Dem)
Bernie Sanders (Dem) RLN endorsed
Joe Sestak (Dem)
Tom Steyer (Dem)
Elizabeth Warren (Dem)
Marianne Williamson (Dem)

Republican Contenders for the Presidency
Who are all these people?
Robert Ardini (Rep)
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (Rep)
Zoltan G. Istvan (Rep)
Matthew John Matern (Rep)
Donald J. Trump* (Rep)
Joe Walsh (Rep)
Bill Weld (Rep)
Don Blankenship ((AI))
Phil Collins (AI)
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente ((AI))
Charles Kraut ((AI))
J.R. Myers ((AI))
Howie Hawkins (Green)
Dario Hunter (Green)
Dennis Lambert (Green)
Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry (Green)
David Rolde (Green)
Max Abramson (Lib)
Ken Armstrong (Lib)
Dan Behrman (Lib)
Keenan Wallace Dunham (Lib)

Souraya Faas (Lib)
Erik Chase Gerhardt (Lib)
Jacob Hornberger (Lib)
Jo Jorgensen (Lib)
Adam Kokesh (Lib)
Steven A Richey (Lib)
Sam Robb (Lib)
Kim Ruff (Lib)
Vermin Supreme (Lib)
Howie Hawkins (P&F)
Gloria La Riva (P&F)

The only backstop to our republic at this point is that the Democrats held a majority in the House of Congress and were the only branch of government that can hold the president to account for his misdeeds. Therefore it is our advice to support and vote for every representative who voted in favor of impeachment and to vote against all those who voted against it. The short version is that the people of California can not afford to lose a single house seat anywhere in this state and should vote to get rid of Devon Nunez and Keven McCarthy. Our specific endorsements are in boldface below

United States Representative District 24
Salud Carbajal* (Dem)-Member of Congress
Andy Caldwell (Rep)-Government watchdog
Kenneth Young (NPP)- Civil engineer

United States Representative District 25
Robert Cooper III (Dem)-University professor
Getro Franck Elize (Dem)-Patient resource worker
Christopher C. Smith (Dem)-documentary filmmaker
Christy Smith (Dem)-California assemblywoman and mother
Cenk Uygur (Dem)-Progressive journalist
Aníbal Valdéz-Ortega (Dem)-Attorney and community organizer
Mike Garcia (Rep)-Small businessman and ather
Kenneth Jenks (Rep)-Telecommunications executive
Steve Knight (Rep)-Small business owner
David Lozano (Rep)-Attorney
Daniel Mercuri (Rep)-CEO
George Papadopoulos (Rep)-Businessman, author and speaker
Otis Lee Cooper (NPP)-Legal defense investigator

United States Representative District 26
Julia Brownley* (Dem)-Ventura County Congresswoman
Enrique Petris (Dem)-Small business owner
Robert L. Salas (Dem)-Retired math teacher
Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy (Rep)-Attorney and mother

United States Representative District 27
Judy Chu* (Dem)-United States representative
Beatrice Cardenas (Rep)-Loan officer and parent
Johnny J. Nalbandian (Rep)-Food industry businessman
Christian Daly (NPP)–Deputy supervisor

United States Representative District 28
Chad D. Anderson (Dem)–Entrepreneur
Sal Genovese (Dem)–Community services director
Ara Khachig Manoogian (Dem)–Security systems integrator
G. “Maebe A. Girl” Pudlo (Dem)–Silver Lake Neighborhood councilwoman
Adam B. Schiff* (Dem) RLN edorsed–United States representative, 28th District
William Bodell (Rep)–Businessman
Eric Early (Rep)–Father, and businessman
Jennifer Barbosa (NPP)–Neighborhood advocate

United States Representative District 29
Tony Cardenas*(Dem)–United States representative and congressman
Angélica María Dueñas (Dem)–Human resources generalist and mother
Michael R. Guzik (Dem)–Ridesharing driver
Brian Perras (Rep)–No ballot designation

United States Representative District 30
Courtney “CJ” Berina (Dem)–Small businessperson
Brian T. Carroll (Dem)–Neighborhood council member
Raji Rab (Dem)–Aviator, educator and entrepreneur
Brad Sherman* (Dem)–United States congressman, 30th District
Mark S. Reed (Rep)–Businessman, realtor and rancher

United States Representative District 31
Pete Aguilar* (Dem)–United States representative
Agnes Gibboney (Rep)–Retired educational assistant and United States representative District 32
Emanuel Gonzales (Dem)–Dialysis technician
Meshal “Kash” Kashifalghita (Dem)–United States Army major
Grace F. Napolitano* (Dem)–United States representative
Joshua M. Scott (Rep)–Political strategist and analyst

United States Representative District 33
– South Bay Beach cities, Lomita and parts of San Pedro/RPV

Liz Barris (Dem)–Nonprofit director
Albert Maxwell Goldberg (Dem)–No ballot designation
Ted W. Lieu* (Dem) RLN endorsed–Congressman and military officer
James P. Bradley (Rep)–CEO and business owner
Sarah Sun Liew (Rep)–Chief executive officer
Kenneth W. Wright (NPP)–Physician, surgeon and scientist

United States Representative District 34
Jimmy Gomez* (Dem)–Member of Congress
David Kim (Dem)–Neighborhood council board member
Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla (Dem)–Nonprofit organization Executive
Keanna Kay Scott (Dem)–Author
Joanne L. Wright (Rep)–No ballot designation

United States Representative District 35
Norma J. Torres* (Dem)–United States representative
Mike Cargile (Rep)–Independent filmmaker

United States Representative District 36
Raul Ruiz* (Dem)–Emergency doctor and congressman
Erin Cruz (Rep)–Businesswoman and entrepreneur
Patrice Kimbler (Rep)–No ballot designation
Milo Stevanovich (Rep)–Attorney

United States Representative District 37
Karen Bass* (Dem) RLN edorsed–Member of Congress
Errol Webber (Rep)–Documentary film producer
Larry Thompson (NPP)–Attorney, producer and manager

United States Representative District 38
Linda T. Sánchez* (Dem)–United States representative
Michael Tolar (Dem)–No ballot designation

United States Representative District 39
Gil Cisneros* (Dem)–Education and veterans advocate
Young Kim (Rep)–Small business owner
Steve Cox (NPP)–Journalist

United States Representative District 40
Anthony Felix Jr. (Dem)–Homeless services analyst
Lucille Roybal-Allard* (Dem)–United States representative
David John Sanchez (Dem)–Educator and author
C Antonio Delgado (Rep)–Immigration attorney
Michael Donnell Graham Jr. (AI)–No ballot designation
Rodolfo Cortes Barragan Green–Scientist and community organizer

United States Representative District 41
Mark Takano* (Dem)–United States representative and teacher
Grace Williams (Dem)–Doctor and economic developer
Aja Smith (Rep)–Retired United States airman

United States Representative District 42
Regina Marston (Dem)–Entrepreneur and small businesswoman
William “Liam” O’Mara (Dem)–University professor and historian
Ken Calvert* (Rep)–United States representative

United States Representative District 43
Maxine Waters* (Dem) RLN endorsed–United States congresswoman
Joe E. Collins III (Rep)–Retired Navy sailor
Omar Navarro (Rep)–Small business owner

United States Representative District 44
Nanette Diaz Barragan*(Dem) RLN edorsed –United States representative, 44th District
Morris F. Griffin (Dem)–County maintenance technician
Analilia Joya (Dem)–Teacher and disability advocate
Billy Z. Earley (Rep)–Healthcare advocate

United States Representative District 45
Katie Porter* (Dem)–United States representative
Rhonda Furin (Rep)–Retired teacher
Christopher J. Gonzales (Rep)–Businessman and attorney
Peggy Huang (Rep)–Deputy attorney general
Greg Raths (Rep)–Retired Marine colonel
Don Sedgwick (Rep)–Mayor and small businessman
Lisa Sparks (Rep)–University dean and educator

United States Representative District 46
Lou Correa* (Dem)–United States congressman
Pablo Mendiolea (Dem)–Businessman
James S. Waters (Rep)–Retired Postal worker
Will Johnson (NPP)–Caregiver and driver
Ed Rushman (NPP)–IT project manager

United States Representative District 47
– Long Beach north Orange County
Alan Lowenthal* (Dem) RLN edorsed
U.S. Representative, 47th District
Peter Mathews (Dem)–Political science professor
Jalen Dupree McLeod (Dem)–Teacher’s assistant
John Briscoe (Rep)–Governing board member, Ocean View School District of Orange County
Sou Moua (Rep)–Planning commissioner
Amy Phan West (Rep)–Entrepreneur and mother

United States Representative District 48
Harley Rouda* (Dem)–Businessman and United States representative
Brian Burley (Rep)–Business owner
James Brian Griffin (Rep)–Real estate broker
John Thomas Schuesler (Rep)–Finance CEO and filmmaker
Michelle Steel (Rep)–County supervisor, Orange County Board of Supervisors
Richard Mata (AI)–Retired educator

United States Representative District 49
Mike Levin* (Dem)–United States Representative, 49th District
Brian Maryott (Rep)–Mayor and financial planner

United States Representative District 50
Marisa Calderon (Dem)–Nonprofit executive director
Ammar Campa-Najjar (Dem)–Business owner and educator
Carl DeMaio (Rep)–Taxpayer advocate and businessman
Darrell Issa (Rep)–Retired congressman
Brian W. Jones (Rep)–Senator and business owner
Nathan “Nate” Wilkins (Rep)–Congressional innovational fellow
Jose Cortes (Peace and Freedom)–Community organizer
Helen L. Horvath (NPP)–Organizational development consultant
Lucinda KWH Jahn (NPP)–Entertainment industry professional
Henry Alan Ota (NPP)–Loan officer and farmer

United States Representative District 51
Juan C. Vargas* (Dem)–United States representative
Juan M Hidalgo, Jr (Rep)–Retired United States Marine

United States Representative District 52
Nancy L. Casady (Dem)–Climate policy analyst
Scott Peters* (Dem)–United States representative
Jim DeBello (Rep)–Technology entrepreneur
Ryan Cunningham (NPP)–Public finance banker

United States Representative District 53
John Brooks (Dem)–Retired special agent
Jose Caballero (Dem)-Father business owner
Joseph R. Fountain (Dem)–Special education teacher
Janessa Goldbeck (Dem)–Businesswoman and United States Marine Corps Captain
Georgette Gómez (Dem)–San Diego City Council president
Sara Jacobs (Dem)–Children’s anti-poverty advocate
Eric Roger Kutner (Dem)–No ballot designation
Annette Meza (Dem)–Educator
Suzette Santori (Dem)–Rideshare driver
Joaquín Vázquez (Dem)–Progressive policy advisor
Tom Wong (Dem)–Professor and policy director
Michael Patrick Oristian (Rep)–Software developer and businessman
Famela Ramos (Rep)–Licensed nurse and mother
Chris Stoddard (Rep)–Pilot, officer and realtor
Fernando Garcia (NPP)–CEO and business owner

State Senator District 19
S. Monique Limón (Dem)–State assemblymember
Gary J. Michaels (Rep)–Telecommunications consultant
Anastasia Stone (NPP)–Maternal health professional

State Senator District 21
Warren Heaton (Dem)–Immigration attorney and professor
Steve Hill (Dem)–Businessman
Dana LaMon (Dem)–Retired administrative judge
Kipp Mueller (Dem)–Workers rights attorney
Scott Wilk* (Rep)–State senator

State Senator District 23
Kris Goodfellow (Dem)–Technology executive
Abigail Medina (Dem)–School board president
Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (Rep)–Businesswoman and school board member
Cristina Puraci (Rep)–Teacher and union president
Lloyd White (Rep)–Councilmember and business analyst

State Senator District 25
Anthony J. Portantino* (Dem)–State Senator

State Senator District 27
Henry Stern* (Dem)–State senator
Houman Salem (Rep)–Business owner

State Senator District 29
Joseph Cho (Dem)–Journalist and nonprofit chairperson
Josh Newman (Dem)–Veterans’ advocate
Ling Ling Chang* (Rep)–Senator and business owner

State Senator District 35
Steven Craig Bradford* (Dem)–California state senator
Anthony Perry (AI)–Substitute teacher

State Assembly
State Assembly Member District 36
Johnathon Ervin (Dem)–Engineer and United States Air Force reservist
Lourdes Everett (Dem)–Businesswoman
Steve Fox (Dem)–Attorney and educator
Diedra M. Greenaway (Dem)–Businesswoman
Ollie M. McCaulley (Dem)–Businessman and educator
Eric Andrew Ohlsen (Dem)–Small business owner
Michael P. Rives (Dem)–Retired healthcare administrator
Tom Lackey* (Rep)–California state assemblyman

State Assembly Member District 37
Jonathan Abboud (Dem)–Community college trustee
Steve Bennett (Dem)–Ventura County supervisor
Stephen Blum (Dem)–Teacher and attorney
Jason Dominguez (Dem)–City councilmember and teacher
Elsa Granados (Dem)–Nonprofit executive director
Cathy Murillo (Dem)–Santa Barbara mayor
Charles W. Cole (Rep)–Businessman and media consultant

State Assembly Member District 38
Dina Cervantes (Dem)–Education consultant and businesswoman
Annie E. Cho (Dem)–Businesswoman and parent
Susan M. Christopher (Dem)–Nonprofit director
Kelvin Driscoll (Dem)–County program director
Brandii Grace (Dem)–Science, technology, engineering and mathematics educator
Suzette Martinez Valladares (Rep)–Educator and nonprofit director
Lucie Lapointe Volotzky (Rep)–Small business owner

State Assembly Member District 39
Luz Maria Rivas* (Dem)–Assemblywoman and science educator
Ricardo Benitez (Rep)–Contractor and business owner

State Assembly Member District 40
James C. Ramos* (Dem)–Member of the state assembly
Jennifer Tullius (Rep)–Small business owner

State Assembly Member District 41
Chris Holden* (Dem)–Assemblymember
Robin A. Hvidston (Rep)–Organization director

State Assembly Member District 42
DeniAntionette Mazingo (Dem)-Attorney at law
Andrew F. Kotyuk (Rep)-Small businessman and mayor
Chad Mayes* (NPP)-Member of the state assembly

State Assembly Member District 43
Laura Friedman* (Dem)–Member of the state assembly
Mike Graves (Rep)-Small business owner
Robert J. Sexton (NPP)–Producer and director

State Assembly Member District 44
Jacqui Irwin* (Dem)-California state assemblymember
Denise Pedrow (Rep)–Construction coordinator

State Assembly Member District 45
Jesse Gabriel* (Dem)–Member of the California state assembly

State Assembly Member District 46
Lanira K. Murphy (Dem)–Public educator
Adrin Nazarian* (Dem)–Member of the California state assembly

State Assembly Member District 47
Eloise Gomez Reyes*(Dem)–Assemblymember, businesswoman and attorney
Matthew Gordon (Rep)–San Bernardino County Sheriff’s sergeant

State Assembly Member District 48
Blanca E. Rubio* (Dem)–Teacher and assemblywoman

State Assembly Member District 49
Ed Chau* (Dem)–Assemblymember
Bryan Mesinas Pérez (Dem)–Public school teacher
Priscilla Silva (Dem)–Transportation project coordinator
Burton Brink (Rep)–Retired Sheriff sergeant

State Assembly Member District 50
Richard Bloom* (Dem)–California State assemblymember
Will Hess (Dem)–Writer, director and producer
Jim King (Dem)–No ballot designation

State Assembly Member District 51
Wendy Carrillo* (Dem)–Assemblymember

State Assembly Member District 52
Freddie Rodriguez* (Dem)–Assemblymember and first responder
Toni Holle (Rep)–Account technician

State Assembly Member District 53
Godfrey Santos Plata (Dem)–Public teacher advocate
Miguel Santiago* (Dem)–Member of the state assembly

State Assembly Member District 54
Clinton Brown (Dem)–Real estate developer
Tracy Bernard Jones (Dem)–Teacher and community organizer
Sydney Kamlager*(Dem)–State assemblywoman
Glen Ratcliff (Rep)–Small business owner

State Assembly Member District 55
Andrew E. Rodriguez (Dem)–Mayor and county commissioner
Phillip Chen* (Rep)–Assemblyman, educator and businessman

State Assembly Member District 57
Josue Alvarado (Dem)–Councilman, City of Whittier
Lisa Calderon (Dem)–Businesswoman and mom
Primo Castro (Dem)–Cancer patient advocate
Gary Mendez (Dem)–Governing board member, Rio Hondo Community College District, Area 4
Sylvia Rubio (Dem)–Businesswoman and community representative
Dora D. Sandoval (Dem)–School board member
Vanessa C. Tyson (Dem)–Professor, author and researcher
Oscar Valladares (Dem)–Community college trustee
Jessica Martinez (Rep)–Educator

State Assembly Member District 58
Cristina Garcia* (Dem)–Math teacher and assemblymember
Margaret Villa Green–Airline employee

State Assembly Member District 59
Reggie Jones-Sawyer* (Dem)–California state assemblyman
Efren Martinez (Dem)–Public policy commissioner
Marcello Villeda (Rep)–No ballot designation

State Assembly Member District 62
Autumn R. Burke* (Dem)–California state assemblywoman
Robert A. Steele (Rep)–Business owner

State Assembly Member District 63
Maria D. Estrada (Dem)–Accountant and community organizer
Anthony Rendon* (Dem)–Assemblymember

State Assembly Member District 64
Mike Anthony Gipson* (Dem)–State assemblymember
Fatima S. Iqbal-Zubair (Dem)–Public school teacher

State Assembly Member District 65
Sharon Quirk-Silva* (Dem)–California assemblymember
Cynthia Thacker (Rep)–Retired businesswoman

State Assembly Member District 66
Al Muratsuchi* (Dem)–South Bay assemblymember
Arthur C. Schaper (Rep)–Organization director of Mass Resistance, a rightwing hate group

State Assembly Member District 70
Patrick O’Donnell* (Dem)–Assemblymember and classroom teacher
David W. Thomas (Rep)–County construction manager

Los Angeles County Elections-2nd District
Marisol Cruz
Jake Jeong–community advocate and attorney
Holly J. Mitchell–state senator
Jorge Nuño-social entrepreneur
Jan C. Perry–economic development director
Sharis Rhodes
René Lorenzo Rigard–investment adviser and educator
Albert Robles–mayor and constitutional attorney
Herb J. Wesson Jr.–Los Angeles City Council president
Fred Martin Wimberley

Los Angeles County Elections-4th District
Janice Hahn– RLN edorsed -Los Angeles county supervisor
Desiree T. Washington–attorney

Los Angeles County Elections-5th District
Kathryn Barger–Los Angeles county supervisor
John C. Harabedian–mayor of Sierra Madre
Rajpal Kahlon
Darrell Park–educator and environmental entrepreneur

Long Beach Elections
Long Beach 2nd Council District
Cindy Allen– Long Beach small businesswoman
Jesus Cisneros–School safety officer
Eduardo Lara–Long Beach teacher
Ryan Lum –YouTuber
Nigel Lifsey– Accountant and entrepreneur
Robert E. Fox–Small business owner
Jeanette M. Barrera–Mental health provider

Long Beach 4th Council District
Daryl A. Supernaw– Incumbent and appointed

Long Beach 6th Council District
Ana Arce–Businesswoman and restaurant manager
Dee Andrews– Vice mayor and councilmember
Sharifah Hardie–Entrepreneur and business consultant
Suely Saro–Teacher and nonprofit director
Josephine “Josie” Villaseñor–Small business owner
Craig Ursuy–Professor, no candidate statement

Long Beach 8th Council District
Al Austin II– Councilman and labor representative
Juan Erick Ovalle–Small business owner
Tunua Thrash-Ntuk–Economic development director



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