OMG! The Dancing Terrorists Are Coming!


By Danny Simon

Editor’s Note (Imagine a booming over dub voice): In a world where advertisements are often more entertaining than the films, one lonely and underpaid writer explores the art of the trailer!

  • Step Up Revolution
  • Opens July 27, 2012 PG-13

In Miami, single issue Jewish and Muslim retirees are terrified for their car’s paint jobs as a flash dance mob terrorizes the streets with crunking and krumping. When a cookie cutter real estate magnet threatens to develop a chunk of historic waterfront, new imigree Emily (Kathryn McCormick) joins Sean’s (Ryan Guzman) terrorist organization and leads a city wide revolution. Clearly inspired by the events at Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989, director Jon M. Chu’s film serves as commentary on urban development and the last expression of freedom in America: dance. “The question on everyone’s mind is…” Why is Peter Gallagher in this film?



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