Nation-wide Worker Walk-Outs July 20 Against Racism and Police Brutality


 Inglewood and nationwide STRIKE FOR BLACK LIVES

In a nationwide walk out in 160 cities entitled “Strike for Black Lives” called by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), thousands of workers walked off the job Monday, July 20 for a minimum of eight minutes and 46 seconds, the time that police had their knee on Floyd George’s neck prior to his death.
There are protests and car caravans happening in Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Durham, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New York City, Oakland, Orlando, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Toledo, etc.
A walkout by workers at the Centinela Skilled Nursing & Wellness Center, in Inglewood demanded justice on the job and off, an end to racist practices by employers. As SEIU member Justin told the reporters “We are in this together, as Latinx, as Blacks fighting racism on the job, and police brutality.”
Demands of the national action are:
Justice for Black communities, with an unequivocal declaration that Black Lives
Matter, is a necessary first step to winning justice for all workers.
Elected officials and candidates at every level use their executive, legislative, and
regulatory authority to begin to rewrite the rules and reimagine our economy and
democracy so that Black communities can thrive.
Corporations take immediate action to dismantle racism, white supremacy, and
economic exploitation wherever it exists, including in our workplaces.
Every worker has the opportunity to form a union, no matter where they work. We
demand the immediate implementation of a $15/hour minimum wage, fully-funded
healthcare coverage and paid sick leave for all.



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