CARES Act Spending Plan Provides $1.22 Billion to Fund Broad Range of COVID-19 Services and Support for Residents and Businesses


LOS ANGELES – The Board of Supervisors has approved a $1.22 billion spending package to fund a broad range of essential services and relief measures to assist people and businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The plan covers spending in four main areas:

$656 million for public health measures including testing and contact tracing

$200 million for financial support for residents in the form of assistance for rent relief, food and child care

$160 million in grants to support small businesses

$150 million to support the County workforce’s response to the emergency, including disaster services workers and personal protective equipment for employees

The plan also includes nearly $55 million to cover contingencies including potential health care system surges and other urgent needs that may emerge as the pandemic continues.

The comprehensive spending proposal allocates funding across a wide range of services. Major allocations include $226 million for community-based COVID-19 diagnostic testing and $100 million for rent relief to assist residents countywide.

Funds were also allocated to programs to assist vulnerable people during the crisis, including $148 million for Project Roomkey, which provides temporary housing to medically at-risk people experiencing homelessness.

Other allocations include $10 million allocated to the L.A. Regional Food Bank for food distribution events; $60 million to support other nutritional programs; $15 million for the Great Plates delivery program for seniors and medically at-risk adults; and $15 million for child care vouchers for low-income families and essential workers.For a full list of program allocations, click here.


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