Random Letters — 4-30-20


In Solidarity with Essential Workers and Our Community

As California begins the process of possibly reopening society, ILWU Locals 13, 63 and 94 at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, would like to take the opportunity to thank essential workers for their tireless work during this trying time.

At a time when so many Americans were told to stay home, the members of Locals 13, 63, and 94 continued to show up for work day after day. It is because of their work that hospitals received the pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment needed by doctors and nurses. It is because of their work that so many families had the supplies they needed to remain in their homes and slow the spread of the virus.

We also want to thank the Harbor Area and surrounding communities for supporting our members. Knowing that our families, local businesses, and schools are behind us makes it a little bit easier to keep going during such a stressful and anxious time.

There are, of course, essential workers throughout our communities. We recognize the doctors, nurses, paramedics, support staff, and custodians who provide critical care to patients at hospitals and medical facilities. These workers are truly frontline heroes, and we all owe a great debt of gratitude to them for their selfless service.

We also recognize grocery store clerks who allow us to keep our homes stocked with food and supplies. Men and women who deliver packages and food to our front doors. Police officers and firefighters who keep us safe and rush to our side when duty calls.  Public health officials, teachers, bus drivers, sanitation crews, warehouse workers — there are so many people who have pulled together to keep our society going.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our world right now but one thing we know for sure: we are incredibly grateful for the essential workers whose jobs help protect us against this pandemic.

COVID-19 is testing the community’s strength and resilience. No question this is a really difficult time ultimately it reminds us what is important in life. Sitting down for a meal as a family. Hugging a friend hello. Meeting a grandbaby for the first time. Never again will we take these small moments for granted. We’ll look back and remember a time when we couldn’t be together, couldn’t touch, couldn’t connect.

This crisis is an opportunity to forget what divides us and focus on coming together as one community.

From the leadership of ILWU Locals 13, 63 and 94

Good Job, Donny!

I read your front page and it’s ridiculous. Trump has done an outstanding job so far. Did you know that 3 million people die a year from the mosquito? China is at fault. why don’t you write about something closer to home like Gov. Newsom giving $125 million of coronavirus funds for the American people and not to the illegals?

Cheryl Pellettieri, San Pedro

Ms. Pellettieri,

I assume you’re referring to our cover story, Pandemic: Trump’s Timeline of Failure and Deception. If there’s something incorrect in our coverage, let us know. If you’re saying Donald Trump has done an outstanding job, you’ve set a very low bar. Mosquito-borne deaths: there are several diseases associated with mosquitos. And, while China’s handling of the virus has caused problems, Trump’s erratic and inconsistent response is more directly attributable to American deaths from COVID-19. There are worse things a government can do than Gov. Newsom giving $125 million in stimulus money to formerly employed undocumented migrants, who are underpaid and contribute to our economy. Thanks for reading. We appreciate your letter to the editor.

Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor

Oil Tanker in the Bay

Happy Earth Day, just the facts, from Associated Press: “Oil tankers carrying enough crude to satisfy 20% of the world’s consumption are gathered off California’s coast with nowhere to go as fuel demand collapses.”

Thank you to Republican Richard Nixon for the EPA.

Thank you to Republican Donald Trump for bringing our public health and the US economy to its knees.

Richard Havenick, San Pedro

And from our Facebook Feed …

Maybe I’m overreacting, but does anyone see a conflict of interest here?

Washington (CNN) The Trump family business is asking the federal government to give President Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington, D.C., a break on its monthly lease payments during the coronavirus pandemic, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

The Trump Organization has looked into changing the Trump International Hotel’s lease payments to the General Services Administration in recent weeks, according to The Times, which cited people familiar with the matter.

The D.C. hotel is housed in the Old Post Office building, a federally-owned property on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and Capitol building. The hotel is currently paying a monthly rent of $267,653 to the GSA, according to the GSA website.

CNN reached out to the Trump family and a spokesperson for the organization for comment but has not received a response. Eric Trump, one of the President’s sons who oversees the family business, confirmed the request to the Times and said they were asking the GSA about relief the agency may be giving other federal tenants.

Greg Nelson, Los Angeles

The best idea for injecting cash into the economy is to forgive all student debt. What doesn’t help is propping up the oil companies so they can drill for oil, have no place to sell it and have to store the blasted oil. And since we are running out of storage, caves are being considered. So … take the oil out of a hole in the ground, then put the oil back in a cave. How about we stop producing oil and start investing in green technology.

Marlane Gomard Meyer, Hollywood

Yeah, went to that drive-through facility at Long Beach Community College with myself my wife and her brother it’s been over a week we’ve been notified nothing how the test results came out so they basically just took a swab or DNA for nothing great glad I gave that up without my consent it is such a scam in the media in such a scam what they’re doing to us and taking our jobs from us and this is just another perfect example of a waste of our time when are the people going to wise up go back to work claim our country back we’re being penalized for 3% of the population that has an infection will the other 97% keep around it at home and lose everything

Tom, Los Angeles Harbor Area