Tenelle Returns with New Look, New Single and New Vision

  • 12/16/2014
  • Reporters Desk

By Melina Paris Music Columnist

Two years have past since Random Lengths News profiled Carson’s homegrown popstar, Tenelle.

Now she’s out with a sexier look, new music, and an even larger fan-base. And, all of it was organically grown.

These days Tenelle’s new single, “Get Some,” by Grammy  nominated Meghan Trainor,  has received near 5,000 views in its first three weeks. The first song Meghan Trainor ( “All About That Bass” singer) wrote for Tenelle was “Flava,” which also did very well. “Get Some” has enjoyed the most requests on Honolulu’s FM station, KCCN 100. Tenelle now boasts 15,000 followers on the social media site Instagram.

Just as beautiful as ever, since our last interview Tenelle has created a new look for herself. She has become a personal trainer and is looking svelte. When she is back home, not doing shows, she trains other people. The  former volleyball player’s regimen consists of lots of juicing, working out at the gym.

She recently moved into her own place. She is happy and she is excited for the future. She wants to keep building this momentum.

Faith and family are a major part of Tenelle that have remained the same. She says she would be a mess without them.

“They are the two important F’s,” she said in all seriousness.

Tenelle’s single, “Bulletproof,” has an uplifting message, which speaks to living with hope and faith amidst the problems in life. The video opens with a prayer, Tenelle’s heartwarming delivery and the love of her family are captured throughout it.

The artist continues to stand strong in her convictions of faith and family and is having fun in the process. Those two important F’s have supported her to this point in her career and now her new single, “Get Some” is the mark of this young woman’s evolution into her independence.

Though that is a somewhat serious topic “Get Some” is a sexually playful, fun song .It will appeal to a younger audience and has a great groove appealing to a wider audience.

I asked her about the juxtaposition of the subject matter between “Bulletproof” and “Get Some,” a carefree song about a young woman who knows her what she wants and goes for it. Or put another way, just what the title implies.

“Before, I was within my comfort zone, now I’m growing.” Tenelle said. “It’s been hard because I think so much about everything, but it’s been good. I’m still the same person, but I had to step outside of my comfort zone to make moves.”

We discussed the sexualization of women in the media and women’s empowerment. Tenelle looks at it through the very personal lens of family and self-awareness.

“It’s a male dominated world, but women can do it just like men can,” she said. “I always think about my mom, I see her as a real go getter. She is passionate and so driven about working hard. I think women should stay true to themselves. It’s very important to keep yourself pure and right and goal driven for yourself.”

As Tenelle steps (or grows) outside of her box she is enjoying her fan’s reactions.

“I’m not where I used to be but I know where I’m going and now I’m ready to step it up a thousand times,” she said. “Every day I pray for discernment.”

Talking about her fans, she shared an example of just how loyal they are to her.

“When ‘Get Some’ came out on iTunes someone posted it on YouTube,” she said. “I did not respond to it but I didn’t have to, my fans did for me. They were posting on YouTube, ‘Dude, it’s only 99 cents. Support her.’”

Tenelle is working on many projects and said for her it doesn’t make sense to put out an album now. They really don’t sell anymore unless you are a very famous and established artist.

She instead wants to keep hashing out singles so the world can hear her.

As she grows into her career Tenelle chooses to keep what is working for her the same, such as independent label, Reed Entertainment. She has been with Reed. It’s a good partnership she says and it’s awesome working with them. Her video Get Some will be out before Christmas. She is recording now and will release an “unplugged” video of a new single called “All I Want Is You,” before the end of 2014.

Tenelle continues to perform with the bands Zhen and Common Kings, as she has 2 years ago. She loves being on stage with them and the familial atmosphere between everyone. She misses sharing the stage with them but is more focused now on putting out a lot of new music.

Tenelle is very encouraged and is finding success with the release of her singles and doing EPs. Her goal is to end 2014 with a bang and lead into 2015 on that momentum. Besides the two video’s coming out she will release a Christmas EP covering her favorite holiday songs. She is also creating a website that will be out very soon.

“I want to move nations with this little voice of mine,” Tenelle says. “I want to make an impact, to be able to make someone smile and feel love, to relate and to connect.”

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