Assistance Needed to Identify Unknown Patient


SAN PEDRO — On July 6, bystanders near 9th and Gaffey streets in San Pedro found a homeless, black male and brought him to a local hospital due to his leg pain and concern for his ability to care for himself. 

The hospital is seeking the public’s and news media’s help to identify this patient because the hospital only has an alias (Levi Gaffey) and two other names (Nicolas Sturdivant and Lee or Leigh Sturdivante) and no evidence of his identity in his property. 


He is alert but unable to give the hospital his true identity. 

Below is a general description of the patient.

Anyone with information that may help to identify the patient is asked to contact the county at 424-306-4421.

Sex: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Black

Approximate age: 73

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Gray – receding hairline

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 120 pounds

Other descriptive information: Thin/frail build; tattoo on right forearm.

On presentation to the hospital, the patient was disheveled and unkempt with a short, gray beard and wearing a gray-colored beanie. His belongings included several notebooks and some art supplies.


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