The Further and Continuing Evolution of Government Under Science


Where does science fit within the evolution of government? Rather than trying to engage the common man into thinking more about science, we should address the absence of science within government. Under the direction of science, human deliberative capability can alter the nature and course of human evolution, as well as our impact on our environment. We have institutionalized the pecking-order in which we operate, and we view our relationship with the resource/environment and conceive our economic policy through this lens. Our concern for genetic imperative and our progeny should instead lead us to reevaluate and rewrite government and economic policy with an eye on ensuring the fulfillment of the genetic imperative, which commits us to do whatever necessary to ensure the continuation of human existence.

Many of our policies today promote overpopulation and corruption of the environment; such policies are harmful and run counter to fulfillment of the genetic imperative and sustainability of human civilization. Rather than approaching this problem politically, we should use scientific analysis and principles to identify beneficial policies that will ensure the continuation of humanity. Such scientific analysis should form the basis of governmental policy, which must inevitably evolve to conform to this need to prescribe whatever will ensure the survival and well-being of humanity. Instead, modern policies and governance support destructive tendencies. Scientists should create a venue now to underwrite this process and move it forward.

Perry Bezanis
American Association for the Advancement of Science
San Pedro

They Told Me to Be Courteous

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing earlier this week, I asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to assure the American people that special counsel Bob Mueller has the independence and ability to investigate Donald Trump and his campaign’s ties to the Russian government.

Rosenstein dodged my question again and again — and as I pressed him to assure the American people, the Republicans tried to shut me down, saying I needed to be more “courteous.”

This is hardly the first time the GOP has done this — let us not forget when they silenced my friend and colleague Elizabeth Warren for trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions.

Here is the truth: I will not be silenced. We will not be silenced. The American people, who deserve the truth, will not be silenced, not when the faith and integrity of our democracy is at stake.

Like Senator Warren — and so many others — we will continue to persist and never give an inch when it comes to truth and accountability in our government.

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator


Fred Warmbier Addresses the Press

Fred’s remarks stated that Obama administration didn’t try hard enough to get their son out of North Korea. That’s not true: the Obama administration worked very hard on this issue and the great Trump administration succeeded. The Trump administration did nothing different than the Obama administration.

North Korea had a vegetable on their hands and unloaded it. Fred doesn’t understand that and attacked Obama, then praised Trump.

I just want to know, WHAT WAS OTTO DOING IN NORTH KOREA? I don’t believe that he was just a tourist.

The U. S. government informed him not to go and yet he went. WHY?

Fred and his wife, along with the parishioners of Ascension & Holy Trinity Church prayed every day while Otto was a prisoner, for Otto’s safe return. When it did happen, “Otto” was a vegetable. God didn’t live up to his reputation of being GREAT & ALL POWERFUL. Fred didn’t blame God, yet they blamed Obama.

Fred, get your act together! If my God did that to me, I WOULD THROW HIM INTO A TRASH CAN!

Damian Walters
San Pedro