• Review of Beyond Therapy at Little Fish

    By John Farrell

    Some plays are meant for smaller theaters. Beyond Therapy, which opened last week at Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro, is one of them.

    When Beyond Therapy appeared on Broadway in 1981, it didn’t last three weeks. But in the 30 odd years since then, it has been performed all over the United States in small theaters and amateur productions. It has been called playwright Christopher Durang’s masterpiece. With a brilliantly selected cast and a simple one-set production (one of the play’s characters notes how her shrink’s office looks just like the restaurant she was recently at) you’ll wonder what Broadway missed. It was probably the plays hidden innocence.


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  • In Theaters Now: Total Recall

    By Danny Simon

    • Directed by Len Wiseman
    • Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bokeem Woodbine, Bill Nighy, Colin Farrell

    Did you learn to play piano as a child or did you pay someone to implant the memory of how you learned to play piano as a child? Wait, don’t answer that.

    A bullet just blew a hole in the wall behind you and now pondering that question is irrelevant. Run. Jump. Chase the truth. Violence waits for no man. Screw philosophy. Run. Jump. Kiss the girl. Truth waits for no man. Screw thinking. Run. Jump. Kiss the girl.

    Total Recall is filled with gritty CGI, bad acting, and beautiful people. In the future, things will be bad, but love will triumph. This film contains the requisite witty black sidekick, explosions, and cars without wheels. What it doesn’t contain is a purpose.


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  • Outside Groups On Track to Push 2012 Election Costs Well Past 2008

    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the 2012 presidential and congressional will be the most expensive on record. The Center predicts, based on data from 18 months of fundraising and spending, that the elections will cost $5.8 billion, an increase of 7 percent from the 2008 cost of $5.4 billion. A significant chunk of that money will be coming from outside groups, the transparency of which are as murky as swamp water.

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  • White House Small Business Initiatives for Small Business

    Congresswoman Janice Hahn invited Victor Parker, the Los Angeles Small Business Administration District Director to give a presentation on the Obama Administration’s efforts to bolster small businesses, efforts that includes:

    • Increased access to capital through SBA’s Small Loan Advantage (SLA) 2.0 (SBA is re-launching Small Loan Advantage)
    • “Quick App” for surety bond guarantees under $250,000: SBA is launching “QuickApp,” a streamlined application process for contractors to apply for surety bonds
    • Reduced paperwork for SBA’s Disaster Loan Program, which will cut online application procedures to allow families and businesses easier and quicker access to support
    • Accelerated payments to small business subcontractors: Accelerated payments to prime contractors

    You’ll need to RSVP Congresswoman Janice Hahn’s office to attend the event. Free underground parking available.

    Details: (310) 831-1799 or email hahnRSVP@mail.house.gov
    Venue: Port of Los Angeles High School
    Location: 250 W. 5th St., San Pedro

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  • PSST: It’s About Damn Time

    By Andrea Serna, Arts Writer

    Ron Linden’s  curated show PSST — pronounced either as “psssst,” like you’re trying to catch someone’s attention or, perhaps, “pissed,” as in pissed at it taking so long for local artists to get the recognition they deserve. Linden would have you take your pick.

    PSST: Art is San Pedro 2000 – 2012 was intended to showcase nationally and internationally renown artists living and working in San Pedro. Linden was frustrated because despite their reputations in the art world, the artists in PSST weren’t getting their just due, particularly in the context of Pacific Standard Time, a Getty Museum led effort that documented the birth of the Los Angeles art scene from 1945 to 1980.


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  • UndocuQueers Set Out to Create Dialogue

    By Zamna Avila, Assistant Editor

    On Aug. 4, The Center Long Beach is hosting Undocuqueer, an informational session exploring the challenges of undocumented gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youths in their dual roles, including a double coming out process and their fight to attain higher education.

    The event’s mission is to raise awareness about the intersection of both identities and create unity among the LGBT community.

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  • An Old Quandary

    By Lionel Rolfe

    Now that they have found the “God particle,” maybe it’s time to solve  far lesser but still deserving and perplexing questions of existence. Perhaps it’s not exactly parallel, because the discovery of the God particle answers more about how the universe came into existence than the far more tangential question of how life was born.

    Still, most people would say the universe be damned. If we’re not sleep deprived or hungry, romance remains the foremost thing on most people’s minds. Romance plunges us into emotional maelstroms at the mere glimpse of cleavage. The joys, the ecstatic moments, merge with the mundane in the construction of the bonds with which people are bound.

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  • Harbor Currents-Theatre/Film–July 27, 2012

    July 28
    Suzanne Westenhoefer!
    Suzanne Westenhoefer performs, at 8 p.m. July 28, at the Long Beach Center Theater. In the past year, she’s ended up on the cutting room floor of a movie in post-production, gotten a divorce, re-entered the insanity of the dating world, all of which have created more laughter-inducing opportunities than she ever thought possible.

    Suzanne’s new material is based on her ever-changing view of life after…well, everything. She’s a brand-new woman around town with striking insights based on a jilted year that has finally – thankfully — ended. Stick with her and she’ll take you for a ride on the wild side with plenty of Pinot to keep itinteresting.
    Details: (888) 873-3554; womenonaroll.com
    Venue: Long Beach Center Theater
    Location: 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach


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  • RLn Review of Lorca in a Green Dress


    By John Farrell, Theatre Critic

    Federico Garcia Lorca is better known in the United States for his death than his life. The poet and dramatist was murdered by fascist soldiers at the beginning of the Spanish civil war. His body was never found.

    Recently Long Beach Opera offered Ainadmar, an opera by Osvaldo Golijov that explored his life and death. It’s his afterlife that is the important part in Lorca in a Green Dress. This ambitious surrealist look at Lorca’s forty-day long passage through Purgatorio written by Nilo Cruz, was directed by Jennifer Sage Holmes and it stars five… yes, five different actors as the dead poet, depicting every part of himself including his sexual desires (Lorca was gay). Two women also play parts of his very diverse character. The production is currently being staged at the Casa 0101 Theater in Boyle Heights


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  • Cevapcici Festival Cancelled, San Pedro Image as Destination Town Takes a Beating

    By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor

    The Cevapcici festival is off and so is San Pedro’s designation as a destination spot in Southern California travel magazine, Westways, said one of the organizers, Slobodan Dimitrov–explaining that they came up a dollar short and a day late in raising the funds to host the second annual event, after failing to secure grants from the local neighborhood councils, which were significant donors last year.


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