• Random Letters — 3-19-20

    Coronavirus Doubts

    In the state of California there are 37, 253,956 people and today there are less than 200 who are infected. What is that percentage?  Is the press making a big thing about nothing? That is .00000537% that is really scary.  More people are dying from starvation, probably. John Resich, Ro

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  • Random Letters 3-5-20

    70th John Olguin Fourth of July Celebration

    We the Cabrillo Beach Boosters are proud and honored to announce that we will be presenting the 70th consecutive John Olguin Fourth of July celebration this year.  The  Boosters have had the privilege of continuing this free community tradition for the past 17 years. As a commu

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  • Random Letters 2-6-20 — Take Trump Off Twitter; The Education of Arthur; LAUSD and Rancho LPG Safety; Why We Need Bernie

    Take Trump Off Twitter

    It’s really simple: Have the house pass a bill DEMANDING, ON NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS, that Twitter owner and CEO Jack Dorsey immediately revoke Trump’s privileges. Pedro if this sounds like a good idea, contact your congresswomen and anyone else who will advance this idea. Damian Walte

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  • Random Letters — 1-23-20

    Who’s an Angry Old White Person, Hillary?

    Nobody likes Bernie except for his millions and millions of supporters I suppose.  What she [Hilary Clinton] means is nobody in the ‘cigar and scotch’ circles she travels in likes him. [see CNN video] https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/21/politics/hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-

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  • Random Letters — 1-9-20

    Jim Stanbery and the Campaign to Change District 15

    I was out of state for the holidays and only just saw the latest edition of Random Lengths the other day.  I can’t begin to thank you for the overly generous article marking our linkage. So thorough and accurate—my daughter was so impressed when I showed it

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  • Random Letters — 12-19-19

    A Successful Thanksgiving

    Thank you for your support. Our thanksgiving community lunch was awesome, thanks to you, Random Lengths, we fed over 150 people. The flyer in your paper brought the community out! Lawanda Hawkins, Justice for Murdered Children, San Pedro

    Seven Years

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  • Random Letters — 12/5/19

    Here’s a Story Idea: How a Church Snuck a Cell Tower Under Our Nose

    I have a story idea about an important public safety issue impacting the health and wellbeing of children and adults — not only here in San Pedro, but across Los Angeles. There is a cell site located in the bell tower of First Presbyterian Church a

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  • Random Letters — 11-21-19


    Lewis Wright Remembered

    I’ve recently learned of the sudden death of Lewis Wright.  Lewis was a good friend of mine, and was my idea of a progressive longshoreman and Union brother. I met Lewis when ILWU President Dave Arian sent a delegation to Mexico, to develop a relationship

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  • Random Letters— 11-7-19


    Wesson Vents at LA Times Attack

    As you all know, I’m a pretty even-tempered guy. But sometimes, even I have to vent. And this is one of those times. A few days ago, my opponents, with the help of the Los Angeles Times, took a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook against

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  • Random Letters — 10/24/19


    Gentrification in San Pedro

    Your astute publication of “Gentrification in San Pedro: What We Lose” (by Arlo Tinsman-Kongshaug; Sept. 26, 2019) hits the nail on the head. If gentrification’s purpose is to award exclusivity and destroy diversity, then gentrification causes us to lo

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