• 100,000 Dead — A War We Don’t Seem to Be Winning

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher Just this week, the U.S. death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic passed 100,000. It seems like such a long time ago that candidate Donald Trump kept saying, “We are going to Make America Great Again,” and that “We are going to win so much that you’ll get tired of

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  • Trumpdemic

    Build a wall to protect the truth

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher I’ve been thinking lately that perhaps America should build a wall like Donald J. Trump suggests, just not where he envisions it or for the reason he proposes. He can even have his signature brand on it to remind Am

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  • The Upside, the Downside and the Downright Stupid

    Coronavirus is a dangerous opportunity

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher The thing about a crisis is that it brings out both the best and the worst in people. It exposes those with true leadership skills and those who lack it and it reveals the people who just want to sit in a chair or grandstand

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  • An Infectious Stupidity or Conspiracy of Idiots

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher There’s not a whole lot you can do with a man who doesn’t listen or learn from his mistakes and one who continues talking from a point of ignorance during a time of crisis against overwhelming evidence.  Such is this president. His now daily briefings have becom

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  • Why a Hardware Store Isn’t Like a Hospital

    Laissez-faire capitalism meets the pandemic

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher Sam at my local hardware store has a supply of N95 masks that he’s not price gouging on but limits the purchase  to three per customer.  He says it’s been hard to stoc

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  • The Quarantine

    The next time someone tells you that government should be run “like a business,” place them in isolation for 14 days

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher With the greater part of Los Angeles County on lockdown, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine just how much wor

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  • Beyond the EPIC Campaign to End Poverty

    Sanders, Upton Sinclair, FDR and Henry Wallace By James Preston Allen, Publisher To some who don’t know 20th century history, the Green New Deal that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is pitching might sound like a radical departure. It’s not. In the middle of America’s Great Depr

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  • 100 Years of Red-Baiting Will Not Stop Sanders

    Dave Arian, Harry Bridges and Bernie Sanders

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher The sky was overcast on Saturday, Feb. 8 when I showed up at the foot of Kaiser Point at the intersection of 22nd and Miner streets for the street renaming ceremony in honor of labor icon Dave Arian. Arian, who passed away in

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  • Who is Stealing Your Vote?

    Thom Hartmann’s new book, The Hidden History of the War on Voting — Who Stole Your Vote — And How to Get it Back

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher If anything defines this era of American politics it is the question of how someone as corrupt as Don

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  • B.S. From the Bully Pulpit -Trump’s Lies at the State of the Union Before Impeachment Vote

    By James Preston Allen, Publisher

    On the day before President Trump’s State of the Union speech, Rep. Adam Schiff in his closing arguments for conviction on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress gave the following argument. It’s probably one of the most historic speeches of Schiff’s career:

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