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Zamná Ávila is the assistant editor at Random Lengths News. He also is co-president for the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association (NLGJA-LA), as well as a board member at-large with the California Chican@ News Media Association/National Association of Hispanic Journalists Los Angeles chapter(CCNMA/NAHJ-LA). Prio

Platform Places Activism Experience on SameSide

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor These days, the extent of our outrage at public policy, government misdeeds or private injustice comes in the form of a retweet, a repost or an online rant in all caps in 140

Holiday Afloat Parade is Back

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor It’s that time again. Lights will adorn the ocean shores as a regalia of boats float upon the Los Angeles Waterfront to welcome the holiday season. Peace Aro

Deck the Streets of Downtown San Pedro

The 37th Annual Spirit of San Pedro Holiday Parade ushers in the season

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor Line up

Circus Vargas’ Steam Cirque Updates Tradition

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor

Harbor Gathers to the Call of the Elders

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor Columbus Day was a flash point on the 525th anniversary of his voyage to the New World. Recently, the Los Angeles City Council voted 14-1, Councilman Joe Buscaino opposed, to

Hotel Workers Ordinance Fails to Pass

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor Elida Aguirre, representing the Campaign to Stand with Women, told the Long Beach City Council she has worked at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach for 19 years. “I am here because I am a housekee

Long Beach Goes Sanctuary

On Sept. 19, chants from outside the overflowing Long Beach City Hall could be heard throughout the almost eight hours it took the city council to hear a motion that would help its undocumented community. “What do we want?” “Sanct

Los Rostros de DACA:

Dreamers Face the Death of DACA

By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor Diana Hernandez was only 2 years old when her mother brought her to America. Her single mother was encouraged by her two other siblings to come to the land of oppor

Trump Dumps DACA, Locals #RESIST

WASHINGTON, D.C. — More than 200,000 youths in California are being impacted by Donald Trump’s Sept. 5 decision to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Former President Barack Obama signed DACA into law during its presiden

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