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Sara Corcoran is a correspondent and contributing editor, as well as founding publisher of the National Courts Monitor & California Courts Monitor. She is also a contributor to the Huffington Post on Law & Politics. Corcoran earned a master’s in business administration from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

Kavanaugh's Oath. Kavanaugh's Party Times Comes To Roost

Kavanaugh’s Party Times Comes To Roost

By By Sara Corcoran, RLn Washington Correspondent

This past Sunday on Sept. 16, Christine Blasey Ford came forward as the woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaug

Unchecked Assaults on Intelligence Fortel a State of Tyranny

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Iconic S.C. Judge Mark Milestone in Talc Cancer Litigation

“So far, the story of the talc litigation has mostly been about two things: the science and the choice of forum,” — Howard Erichson, professor at Fordham U

Rep. Alan Lowenthal at public meeting.

Veteran Long Beach Lawmaker, Rep. Alan Lowenthal Says Changing Southern California Electorate Favors Democrats

By Sara Corcoran, Washington D.C. Correspondent I recently had the opportunity for a sit down interview with Rep. Alan Lowenthal, who represents California 47th Congressional District. We

Putin’s Killing Fields Turn Odorless and Colorless

By Sara Corcoran, RLn Columnist

Vladimir Putin must be a very happy man. He has a lot to be thankful for, including: a new term as Russian President; his image as a swashbuckling, anti-Western superh

Rep. Ted Lieu for reelection.

Ted Lieu Rising

Second-term representative brings strength, power to Southland

By Sara Corcoran, Washington, D.C. Columnist Taking over Henry Waxman’s job was no easy undertaking. Wi

Carson Block, founder of Muddy Waters Research.

Investigative Report Triggers Federal Probe, But Is It Really Journalism?

When bombshell bribery and corruption allegations surfaced this past December against OSI Systems, a 5,000-employee port-and-avia

Say it Loud, Say it Clear, Trumpism Not Welcome Here

I found the juxtaposition of hundreds of rowdy anti-Trump protesters and a drum circle against the backdrop of hyper-manicured Beverly Hills Park oddly apropos in the wake of President Donald Trump's March 13 fu

James O'Keefe

American Pravda Book Review

By Sara Corcoran, Washington D.C. Correspondent In American Pravda: My fight for truth in the era of fake news, 1 2