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Richard Foss is a culinary historian, author and museum consultant who has lectured around the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He wrote the section on Croatian cuisine in the Encyclopedia of World Food Cultures and also contributed to the Oxford Companion to Sweets. He is working on his third book, which is about food in Spanish a

Defiantly Dishing Out Brunch

By Richard Foss, Dining and Cuisine Columnist    There is something noble and honorable about calmly accomplishing a vital task when all around you is chaos. There is so

Who Says Fish Can’t Swim Up Hill?

By Richard Foss, Cuisine Writer

If you were sitting around this past year speculating about which San Pedro institution would open a location in Rolling Hills Estates, you probably would ha

Rediscover Aztec Spirits Before Salt, Triple-Sec

By Richard Foss, Culture and Cuisine Writer If you routinely check out the bar on your way into a restaurant, you’ve probably noticed that a new class of beverages has been crowding out the old favorites. Move ov

Babouch Moroccan Restaurant: Casablanca for the 21st Century

By Richard Foss, Dining and Cuisine Writer A great restaurant experience takes you out of your everyday world. You live in the moment for a while, basking in attentive service and the sensory experiences a

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Know

Secret Menu Specialties at Neil’s Pasta and Seafood

By Richard Foss, Dining and Cuisine Writer  My friends make fun of me because I usually don’t know wha

Sight, Taste and Place: Paul Buchanan and the Palos Verdes Art Center’s Wild Event

By Richard Foss, Dining and Cuisine Writer On March 16, the Palos Verdes Art Center hosted an examination of the natural environment of its Peninsula by artists of two unrelated disciplines.  One was visu

Rescuing St. Patrick’s Day from Myths and Legends

By Richard Foss, Cuisine and Culture Writer      Much has been said about the decline of manufacturing in America. Yet, we still lead the  world in at least one category of manuf

Love, Kindness and Dried Meat

By Richard Foss, Food & Cuisine Writer If you have driven past an unassuming office park on the north end of Gaffey Street you might have wondered about the sign for a company called B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky. S

Smoky Doky BBQ Provides Smoke, Spice, Time

By Richard Foss, Food and Cuisine Writer People who bake from scratch can get sniffy about those who use shortcuts like packaged recipes or (shudder) frozen dough. I was talking with one such perfectionist who

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