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Richard Foss is a culinary historian, author and museum consultant who has lectured around the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He wrote the section on Croatian cuisine in the Encyclopedia of World Food Cultures and also contributed to the Oxford Companion to Sweets. He is working on his third book, which is about food in Spanish a

2018’s Five Great Meals in the Harbor Area

By Richard Foss, Culture and Cuisine Writer It’s the time of year that I look back at the year just passed — at its joys, trials and the big pile of restaurant receipts I need to do my taxes. A

A Holiday Classic Drinks Story

By Richard Foss, Dining and Cuisine Writer It’s the time of year when people pull out their worn copies of Dickens, and if they’re paying attention they notice something: Charles is quite a se

Drifting With a Purpose

By Richard Foss, Dining Columnist A friend of mine used to work for a venture-capital firm, and part of his job were the initial interviews with hopeful entrepreneurs. He’s a soft-spoken fellow,

Cross Cultural Bites and Bashes

By Richard Foss, Cuisine and Culture Writer Many years ago I was on the stage crew for one of the worst productions of West Side Story ever to stagger in front of an audience. The leading man sang beautifu

Coming Attractions to the San Pedro Dining Scene

By Richard Foss, Food and Culture Writer As you walk, bike or drive around downtown San Pedro, you’ll see evidence that new restaurants are in the works. The curious local diner who tries to find

San Pedro’s ‘Little Italy’ Raises Historical Fiction Question

By Richard Foss, Cuisine and Culture Columnist Generally, Los Angeles ignores or destroys its past and minimalls rise in neighborhoods that used to have character. San Pedro is an outlier thanks

The Fleeting Glory of the Hatch Chilé

By Richard Foss, Cuisine & Culture Columnist Want a strawberry in February, beets in July, or winter squash on Memorial Day? Thanks to cheap shipping from places with different climates, you can get them all. I

Uncle Fung’s Borneo Eatery is a Family Dinner

By Richard Foss, Culture and Cuisine Writer I had a delightful lunch recently while accompanied by someone who supplements his day job with income as a storyteller and comedian. He put those talent

Learning to Love the Heat

By Richard Foss, Cuisine and Culture Columnist Andrew Anderson is not the person you might expect to be hosting an event about chili peppers and how they may be used in cocktails. He grew up in rur

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