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Random Letters — Open Letter Regarding Reopening of the San Pedro Navy Fuel Depot; You Can’t Fight City Hall

Open Letter Regarding the Reopening of the San Pedro Navy Fuel Depot

Dear Gregg Smith: My husband’s name was Greg Smith, but he only spelled it with one “g.”  Maybe that’s the difference between what he would have

POLAHS Student Wins LA County Creative Writing Prize

Megan Vidovich displays her first Place Literary Award

Megan Vidovich, 11th grade Port of Los Angeles High School student, has won First Place in the prestigious Tomorrow Prize. The Tomorrow Prize is a science fiction writing conte

Comm. Voices — How Long Should Government Save Its Email Records?

By JW August Email is part of our lives now.  It came on like a category five hurricane just a generation ago, changing the world of business and bureaucracy and creating the need to do many things in a new way—like preserving gover

Announcements 5-16-19

STEM Funshop

The STEM Funshop is an educational event for students of all ages designed to stimulate the brain with activities centered around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Time:

Random Letters 5-16-19 — Renewed Fueling Operations; Re: “Beyond Barr’s Muddling of the Mueller Report”

Renewed Fueling Operations

We are strongly opposed to Alternative 1 which would allow a commercial lessee to potentially expand fueling storage and operations at the Main Terminal of the DFSP, which is bounded by Western Aven

One Dock Worker Killed, Another Injured in Container Terminal Accident

SAN PEDRO — An industrial accident tragically took the life of an International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) worker and seriously injured a second worker, May 15, at a Port of Los Angeles contai

Mother’s Day Brunch and Beyond

Think Valentine’s Day is the busiest dining holiday of the year? Think again. When it’s Mom’s Day, everyone comes out to dine! Seriously, on Mother’s Day 2017, restaurants were up 63 percent from the average on a normal Sunday. So here are some

In Pursuit of an Agro-Industrial Model City

By Rachel Bruhnke I was at the Gaffey Street Gardeners organizing meeting with several of my students on April 25. It was frustrating to hear about Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office, but not surprising. There is a pattern here that n

News Briefs — 5/2/19

Newsom Directs State Agencies to Prepare Water Resilience Portfolio for California

SACRAMENTO — As climate change continues to threaten the state’s water infrastructure and reliability, Gov. Gavin Newsom s

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