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And the Rockets Red Glare

Trying to stop people from celebrating this national holiday without fireworks, alcohol is like attempting to sweep the tide back at the beach with a broom James Preston Allen, Publisher On my drive down Pacific Avenue to a Fourth of July party overlooking Cabrillo Beach this

Hahn Decries Security Weaknesses at Nation’s Ports

Washington, DC— On July 9, Rep. Janice Hahn (CA-44) took to the House Floor to urge her colleagues to support the GAPS Act, legislation that directs the Department of Homeland Security to conduct a comprehensive classified study of potential

Senate District 28 Releases 7-Month Report

SACRAMENTO – Below, in bill-number order, are some of the bills, sponsored by Sen. Ted W. Lieu, that will be heard in policy or fiscal hearings in the Assembly after summer recess. Sept. 13 is the constitutional deadline for Sen. Lieu to get the bills to the governor’s desk.

Rep. Hahn Highlights Benefits of Immigration Reform

Janice Hahn (CA-44) recently touted the economic benefits of comprehensive immigration reform for workers, middle class families, and the country as a whole. A new White House report found that fixing our broken immigration system would create jobs, boost economic growth, reduce defi

Buscaino, POLA Boosts LA Waterfront Impact

According to reports from the Port of Los Angeles to Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office, in the past year, the USS Iowa, CRAFTED at the Port of LA, and the special events series at the LA Waterfront has welcomed more than 500,000 visitors to San Pedro. With $8.4 million in total spendin

The Spanish War and San Pedro

One hundred and fifteen years is enough. It was 115 years ago that the United States launched it’s first overseas, some say, imperial war, the Spanish-American War.  Besides giving the U.S. military control over the Philippines and several Pacific islands, the war assured U.S. military

Mercedes-Benz USA Comes to LB

Mercedes-Benz USA recently signed an agreement to lease more than1 million square feet of the former Boeing 717 manufacturing plant in Long Beach with landlord SARES-REGIS Group and Institutional Partner. The building is located at 4501 East Conant Street in Long Beach, immediately

Women’s Health Report Highlights Health Care Challenges

Low-income women living below the federal poverty level were four times more likely to report a fair or poor health status compared to women with incomes over 300 percent of the federal poverty level according to a new report released July 9, by the Los Angeles County Department of Public

State-of-the-art Tug Comes to POLA

SAN PEDRO — Harley Marine Services has brought its tugboat recently  to service the Port of Los Angeles. The ROBERT FRANCO arrived in Los Angeles this past week, joining four other tugs in the fleet that assist cargo vessels and tan

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