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Getting Around Campaign Reform

The Long Beach city attorney recently sent out a memo citing questions “from several parties” that raises constitutional questions about the 1994 Campaign Reform Act. The questions are about whether large amounts of campaign contributions from state campaign accounts could be flippe

Finding the Light in the Darkness

By John Farrell, Curtain Call Writer Light in the Darkness tells a story of East Los Angeles gang life that many people would rather ignore. Since the play has been around for almost 15 years (it premiered at East Los AngelesCollege in 1999 in a production di

Silenced Journalist Faces 100 Years in Prison

By Cory Hooker, Editorial Intern

Activist-journalist Barrett Brown, who faces up to 100 years in prison for sharing leaked documents exposing the tactics of private intelligence contractors, will be unable to speak to the media about his case after a federal

Who Was The Real Hero Of The 1910 Bombing Of The Los Angeles Times?

By  Lionel Rolfe
Lionel Rolfe , along with Nigey Lennon and Paul Greenstein, penned the book, Bread And Hyacinths: The Rise and Fall

Israel’s Mystic Pull

By Lionel Rolfe 
At a point in the mid-70s, when some nefarious anti-Semitism was rearing its ugly head in the military—I forgot exactly what it was—

Tales of an Extraordinary Madman

By Lionel Rolfe  In 1972, when I saw fellow Los Angeles Free Press writer Charles Bukowski’s book in the window of a bookstore in West Hampstead in London, my first reaction was one of jealousy. The book was

Senate Asks for Greater Protections for Journalists

SACRAMENTO – On Sept. 4, The California Senate today approved and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown a bill mandating that reporters and their news organizations be given five days’ notice of any subpoenas of their records held by others.

LB City Council Votes on Budget

On Sept. 3, the Long Beach City Council unanimously approved the fiscal year 2014 budget.

Spending more than $25 million on new street and sidewalk improvements, setting aside more than $15 million to build and improve parks, investing $2 million at city athletic fields and inve

Environmental Review for Yang Ming Terminal Improvements Begins

SAN PEDRO — The Port of Los Angeles announced, Aug. 27, that it is initiating the environmental review process on a proposed berth-improvement project by Yang Ming, a Taiwanese marine transport company. The start of the environmental process, which is expected to formally begin this

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