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California’s Not So Golden Past

By Dawn A. Dennis, Ph.D. Five years ago, while teaching in the City of Orange, my students in a U.S. survey history course told me about the Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers found in the area. I used this moment to ask my stud

Random Letters: 9-12-19

Kudos on Labor History

Kudos to Slobodan Dimitrov for his cover story in your special 2019 Labor Day Issue (Aug. 29-Sept.11, 2019). His piece is informative regarding the history of the crucial labor movement in San Pedro and the ports of Los

Tradition and Modernity: Haewah Dal Brings Family and Food Together

By Katrina Guevara, Contributor As the first of its kind restaurant, Haewah Dal will open its doors to the Belmont Shore community in the fall. The Chung family hopes to widen its patrons’ palettes by servin

American Labor, the Global Fight Against Corporate Greed

By Gary Herrera, ILWU Local 13 Vice President I am a laborer for a great union that stands for social and economic justice for American workers. The ILWU believes that a union must fight in every possible way

A 40-Year Coalition

Inland Boatman’s Struggle Launched Annual Parade

By Slobodan Dimitrov, Contributor Thousands of union members and supporters from throughout the Los Angeles Harbor Area

Update: LBPD K-9 Ozzy’s Death Not a System Failure- Reprinted with permission of Beachcomber

Long Beach News

Writer Stephen Downing has obtained new, disturbing information relative to the K-9's death and its handler. Read the exclusive story here: [Editor's Note: This is an updated version of the "Breaking News” onl

Port Awards $1 Million in Grants

SAN PEDRO – The Port of Los Angeles has selected 30 local organizations to receive a total of $1 million in grants for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 under the Port’s Community Investment Sponsorship Program. The non-taxpayer-fu

4th Annual L.A. Harbor Peace Week 2019

San Pedro spends a week promoting solutions of peace through activities, in attitude and as an alternative to the war party the U.S. military throws every Labor Day during L.A. Fleet Week.

Aug. 29

Peace Table and C

Carson Night Out Against Crime and Violence

By Dennis J. Freeman, Contributor The activity just outside of the Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald Community Center and the Carson Sheriff’s Station was brisk with pedestrian traffic as residents to

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