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Buscaino Uses Viral Homeless Singer as Draw to Little Italy Opening

By Adam R. Thomas, Reporter Hundreds of local residents attended the grand opening of the new “historic” Little Italy District on Oct. 5 to mingle among open air stalls, listen to the viral hit “Subway S

Pepper Tree Plaza

Pepper Tree Plaza May be Used for Italian Heritage Events

By Hunter Chase, Reporter Apparently, making Pepper Tree Plaza the cornerstone of San Pedro’s “Little Italy” despite  no known historic geographic connection between Pepper Tree and any thing Italian is


Taxco Bonito Moves to a New Location after 36 Years

By Gretchen Williams, Travel and Cuisine Writer       It is always a beautiful day at Taxco” was the sentiment overheard at the new Taxco location 28152 S. Western Avenue, just

Public Health Clears the Smoke on Tobacco Control Policy 

On Oct. 10 the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) released yet another warning to the public to - stop vaping now. The department has called out the lobbying efforts of Big Tobacco, while at the

Update on San Pedro Courthouse Project

Supervisor Janice Hahn’s office announced, Oct. 8, that Los Angeles County and Genton Cockrum Partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the final proposal for the San Pedro Courthouse project in order to secure financing. The proje

Gentrification in San Pedro: What We Lose

By Arlo Tinsman-Kongshaug It is no secret that gentrification has been sweeping through Los Angeles for quite some time. From Venice to Highland Park, working class communities across the city have been seeing influxes of redevelopment

Random Letters: 9-26-19

Glacial Movement at POC

Great stories!  As a San Pedran, I think the last sentence of your OpEd [Tale of Two Realities 9/12 to 25, 2019] on Ports O’Call is spot on. It’s been glacial my whole life! Sabrina Skac

The UN Secretary General Urges Public Pressure to Address the Climate ‘Emergency’

“Nature is angry,” but a Green New Deal can help, says Secretary General António Guterres.

By Mark Hertsgaard, "The Nation’s" Environment Correspondent This story was published

Your grocery store chain is trying to kill your favorite local newsweekly — but you still have time to stop them

By Roxanne Coope, Raw Story Publisher In 1984, Peter Saltas’ dad started writing and distributing free newsletters called  1 2 155