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Random Letters— 11-7-19

Wesson Vents at LA Times Attack

As you all know, I’m a pretty even-tempered guy. But sometimes, even I have to vent. And this is one of those times. A few days ago, my opponents, with the help of the Los Angeles Times

Barragán Talks Impeachment

By Dennis J. Freeman, Carson Reporter Rep. Nannette Diaz Barragán brought her voice to the nation’s healthcare woes and impeachment talk of President Donald Trump in Carson on Nov. 2. Barragán, who represe

Random Opportunities to Give Back

This column may be called Random Opportunities to Give Back, but it could just as well be called random opportunities to be generous when for three-quarters of the year we are absorbed with all things connected to ourselves. This holiday season is a chanc

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos and More

By Gretchen Williams, Travel and Cuisine Writer Downtown San Pedro is in the midst of a conflict in which everybody wins! Little Italy is in the works on lower 6th Street, promising a fragrant neighborhood

Random Happening, Coming to Grand Annex Nov. 9:  The Living Sisters Bring Folk Harmonies Blending Past and Present 

The Living Sisters will leave you breathless as they lace their impeccable voices around 1940s harmony style, pop, jazz, folk and country. When the Grammy-nominated, indie pop/folk out

Move For Hunger and US Storage Centers Thanksgiving Food Drive

US Storage Centers is partnering up with Move For Hunger to collect non-perishable food items to help families in need this Thanksgiving. Stop by any of our participati

Random Letters — 10/24/19

Gentrification in San Pedro

Your astute publication of “Gentrification in San Pedro: What We Lose” (by Arlo Tinsman-Kongshaug; Sept. 26, 2019) hits the nail on the head. If gentrification’s purpose is to award exclusivit

Carson City Limits Gun Control

Gun Control Measure Fails, City Leaders Slow to Return Calls By Dennis J. Freeman, Reporter Barely one month ago Carson Mayor Albert Robles failed to win city council approval for a package

SP Neighborhood Councils Roundup

POLA Releases Its 2018 Emissions Report and Crime Is Down

By Hunter Chase, Reporter

 CeSP Neighborhood Council

At the Oct. 10 meeting of

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