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Random Letters 6-13-19 — Another Green Glitch; The Latest Attack on the Free Press

Another Green Glitch

The sorry tale of the “ShoreCat” system begs the question of what ever happened to the Port’s commitment to convert to shore power for vessels at berth? The China Shipping settlement and the resul

Community Voices — Bernie Sanders to California Dems

There is No “Middle Ground” Compromise with Trump

Transcript of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ speech at the California Democratic Convention June 2 Let me thank the California Democratic Party for helping to

San Pedro Committee holding its own as it celebrates Juneteenth

By Dennis J. Freeman, Contributor

The San Pedro Committee President Denise Corbett is hoping to keep the social group’s annual Juneteenth picnic a celebratory event. But

Community Announcements — 6-13-19

New Online Tool Helps LA Youth Find Jobs

The Find Your Future initiative, an effort to engage and support young job seekers was launched June 6 through the collaborative efforts of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and Jobcas

Federal Judge Dismisses Charges Against 3 White Supremacists


La Buvette Now Open — French Cuisine on Seventh Street

By Gretchen Williams, Dining and Cuisine Writer In Aix-en-Provence, the spring is emerging slowly, trees blossoming in pink and white, tulips and crocus in all shades of yellow, purple, crimson and coral. The

Pacifica On Air Townhall on Will Impeachment Re-Elect Trump?

The chance of Impeachment hearings of Trump are great. But will this help or hurt Trump? The divisions on this are great. Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President and Hutchinson Report Host Earl Ofari Hutchinson will 

Ginsburg’s Reasoning of Why Reproduction is a Woman’s Right

Excerpted from My Own Words: Ruth Bader Ginsburg by contributors Mary Hartnett and Wendy Williams

Note: Shortly before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision ma