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Trump’s Wall of Fantasy

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor “I don’t need to do this,” Trump said just before Presidents Day, in the middle of declaring a phony national emergency to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Uproar Greets Pier 400 Automation Plans

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Plans to move toward automation at APM’s Pier 400 terminal were pulled from the Harbor Commission’s Jan. 24 agenda at the last minute, but ILWU representatives

House Dems Put Democracy First

A sweeping reform bill is their lead legislative initiative

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor With the Donald Trump shutdown finally over—at least for now—Dem

Newsom’s First Budget Proposal Sets Some Ambitious Goals

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Budgets are moral documents—an observation widely attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So, what kind of moral statement is Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first propose

Ports’ Clean Air Progress Clouded by Lack of Transparency

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Just before the holidays, more clouds appeared on the horizon of the ports’ Clean Air Action Plan, raising new questions about the ports’ transparency, honesty in reporting and

Maersk Announces Zero Carbon Future, We Need It Sooner, Local Activists Say

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, last week announced a target date of 2050 for completely ending its use of fossil fuels, which would significantly c

Zero-Emissions Options Grow, But Is Port Paying Attention?

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor As the Port of Los Angeles continues work on the latest China Shipping EIR (environmental impact report), this one dealing with mitigation failures of the 2009 plan

Climate Crisis is Already Here

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor  Two months after Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina coast with record rainfall, and one month after Hurricane Michael hit the Florida P

Cal Cartage Charade Fools Harbor Commissioners, but Nobody Else

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Twice this year the Los Angeles Harbor Commission has voted to give special treatment to corporate criminal Cal Cartage, only to have its decisions overridden by the City Council.

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