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Super Tuesday Reveals Yawning Divide Between Horse Race and Issues

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor American politics is broken in multiple ways, as Super Tuesday in San Pedro vividly showed us. “Apparently, we had voting atrocities in LA County, with busted tech and long, long lines,” said Peter Warren

The Struggle For The Democratic Party’s Soul

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor “We always tend to blame the wrong people. We blame the banks.” – Michael Bloomberg, attacking Occupy Wall Street, 2011. "You have $500 in the bank, and you spend $2.75 on a subway swipe in the crumbling MTA. A

Political Chaos and Confusion

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Americans were treated to a dramatic contrast between know-nothingism and transparency on the eve of the Iowa Caucuses and the conclusion of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. On Friday, January 31, 51 Republican senators voted against hearing any witnes

A Green New Deal For The Golden State

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor On Jan. 6, legislation to create a California Green New Deal was introduced in the State Assembly by Assistant Majority Leader Rob Bonta, along with 13 co-sponsors from across the state. Like the national version,

Local Activists File Suit to Stop EPA’s Rollback

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor The Wilmington-based Coalition for a Safe Environment is one of two local groups in a national 13-group coalition that filed suit just before Christmas to block the Trump administration’s attempt to roll back the Chemical Disast

Impeachment — Fact vs Fantasy

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor   “Democrats brought a gavel to an impeachment gun fight.” That was the headline of a weekend op-ed by Kurt Bardella, a former spokesperson Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who switched parties i

Forget Trump — Impeach the Party that Enables Him

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Donald Trump almost certainly won’t be impeached and removed from office, despite overwhelming evidence he’s guilty of bribery. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be held accountable — along with the increasingly cult-like p

Welcome to the Age of Fire

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor “We might rightly speak of a coming Fire Age equivalent in stature to the Ice Ages of the Pleistocene,” fire historian Steve Pyne wrote in late August.  “Call it the Pyr

Port Approves Another Flawed China Shipping Plan

Plaintiffs Seek City Council Override

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor On March 28, 2001, the members of the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commission approved construction of

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