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Melina Paris is a Southern California-based writer, who blends her passion for writing and connecting people to their local community into pieces centered music, cultural events, the arts, and most recently, the intersection of art and social justice.

The Spirited History of the LA Harbor Holiday Afloat Parade Carries On

By Melina Paris, Staff Reporter As far back as 1934, the Los Angeles Harbor has participated in spirited holiday festivities. On Dec. 24, 1934, United States naval ships in San Pedro were transform

Wide Eyes Open Palms A Safe Space Builds New Ground By Melina Paris, Staff Reporter

Wide Eyes Open Palms is what you get if you combine a specialty coffee shop run by women who provide seasonal cuisines and politics that promote safe spaces for the whole community.

Artist lauren wood, AmericanMONUMENT

Unpausing American MONUMENT

An Opportunity for Restorative Justice

By Melina Paris, News Reporter

It’s been two months since California State University Long Beach removed University Art Museum director, Kimberli Meyer, from her post and no explan

Pacifica Radio Live at the Warner Grand Theatre

Nationally syndicated political commentator Thom Hartmann and investigative journalist Greg Palast discussed the volatility of the current political landscape

By Melina Paris, RLn Reporter

Ethiopian jazz band, Ethio-Cali.

Ethio Cali Infuses Flavor at Music Tastes Good  

By Melina Paris, Music and Arts Columnist

The Ethiopian jazz band, Ethio Cali, took full advantage of performing on the last day of the Mus

Additional Suspect Charged in Crespo Murder

By Melina Paris, Staff Reporter San Pedro — Random Lengths News learned that a second suspect was arrested on Aug. 4, in the murder case of  San Pedro resident, Walter

Flemons Brings Broad History of the American West Forward

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist  Songster and multi-instrumentalist, Dom Flemons started his path busking on the streets while attending Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff. The of

Kalimba channels vintage Earth, Wind and Fire.

The Spirit of Earth Wind & Fire Shines Through Kalimba

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Earth Wind & Fire was at the forefront of the evolution of pop music in the 1970s.  In a decade of experimentation, the band bridged the musical tastes of a bl

Lowrider Band members Lee Oskar, Howard Scott, B.B. Dickerson and Harold Brown still ride together. File photo

Lowriders Teach Art, Not War

It’s About the Music

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist  To see Harold Brown walking through downtown Long Beach, talking to people in his ne

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