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Melina Paris is a Southern California-based writer, who blends her passion for writing and connecting people to their local community into pieces centered music, cultural events, the arts, and most recently, the intersection of art and social justice.

The Road to the American Woman


By Melina Paris, Contributing Writer Hiillary Clinton was believed to be a shoo-in for the Oval Office, especially given the Republican nominee’s confession of habitual

Jimetta Rose Raises Higher Vibrations

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist Artists, like stars, form constellations in the sky. I was reminded of this fact when I interviewed the standout jazz vocalist, Jimetta Rose. I first encountered Rose when she performed at the Grand Performances Peace Go

The New Gap Band Fills The Gap

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist For a couple generations of folk, it’s simply not a party—be it a birthday party, family reunion, house party, dance club—without the celebrative funk and rhythm and blues of  The Gap Band. Formed by and

SP: The Pleasure Trip to Horton’s Hayride Festival

By Melina Paris, Music Columnist

Rock, psychobilly and diversity were part of this year’s Horton’s Hayride festival in San Pedro. Perhaps, the festival, which used to take place in Long Beach, signals

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