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Melina Paris is a Southern California-based writer, who blends her passion for writing and connecting people to their local community into pieces centered music, cultural events, the arts, and most recently, the intersection of art and social justice.

The LA Harbor International Film Festival Kick Off

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Reporter

Spring is soon arriving and for the 17th year, the Los Angeles Harbor International Film Festival will kick it off with a slew of documentary films and their special Read the Book See the Movie program from March 12-15. The founder, Steph

Sharefest Gift Gives to Community and Youth

By Melina Paris, Reporter John D. Rockefeller said, “Giving should be entered into in just the same way as investing. Giving is investing.” In that same vein, near the end of 2019 Southern California philanthropists Melanie and Richard Lundquist gave $1 mill

Make your Voice Heard

Make your voice heard and tell your story at the upcoming Harbor Commission meetings where the Clean Truck Fund Rate will be decided. In 2006, the ports created and approved their

27th Annual Pan African Film Arts Festival

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Reporter There is no arguing that black filmmakers, not only — but especially — of late have created compelling, urgent and timely films all while keeping audiences engaged and entertained. Highlighting some of the best of these films, it is once agai

San Pedro Pirates Go to Washington, D.C.

Right at the end of 2019, Darnella Davidson, band director of the San Pedro High School Golden Pirate Regiment learned that her regiment was invited to perform at the 2020 National

Melody Makers Pays Tribute to the Bible of Rock ’n’ Roll

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Reporter It was a chance encounter. A young photographer, Barrie Wentzell, tells the story of being at the BBC Studios — it was October 1965 — to shoot some pictures during the taping of the weekly TV show Top of the Pops. He

Retail’s Revival Tale at the Harbor – LB’s  Retro Row Leads the Way, SP Retail Returns to Basics 

By Melina Paris, Culture Reporter

        Sometimes it takes someone outside the scope of a situation to recognize the obvious. A friend and I were recently discussing  the merits of the Retro Row shopping district in Lon

Peedrow Boogie Woogie

The art of Ann Weber at LA Harbor College Fine Arts Gallery

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Reporter They’re organic, spherical and cylindrical, some life-sized—Ann Weber’s sculptures strike instantly familiar to the eye

Watergate Or: How We Stopped an Out of Control President

Watergate Or: How We Stopped an Out of Control President

Director, Charles Ferguson’s film, Watergate Or: How We Stopped an Out of Control President, is all just a little too familiar at this time in Americn consciousness. 

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