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Melina Paris is a Southern California-based writer, who blends her passion for writing and connecting people to their local community into pieces centered music, cultural events, the arts, and most recently, the intersection of art and social justice.

Watergate Or: How We Stopped an Out of Control President

Watergate Or: How We Stopped an Out of Control President

Director, Charles Ferguson’s film, Watergate Or: How We Stopped an Out of Control President, is all just a little too familiar at this time in Americn consciousness. 

Todd Congelliere at the soon to be open Sardine.

Take me to Sardine

A New San Pedro Music Venue Rises

By Melina Paris, Music and Culture Writer Todd Congelliere is a busy man. The musician and business owner of Recess Ops re

Round One — Four Left in the Chamber

Jumpstarted Plowhards decided to create five albums, Round One through

B.A.T. State III, Expands Cultural Relationships Through the Past

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Writer This past September, artists Anita Bunn and Francesco X. Siqueiros curated the B.A.T. State III: Women Artists

Arts Program Strives to Reach All Students

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Reporter For as long as many can remember, educators and parents have complained about school funding and how subjects outside of the three R’s (reading, writing and arithme

A Primer on American Labor History Beaten Down, Worked Up The Past, Present and Future of American Labor

On Aug. 6, New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse released Beaten Down, Worked Up: The

Nia Andrews’ Art of Storytelling

By Melina Paris, Arts and Culture Reporter Nia Andrews calls herself a storyteller and a polymath, which she described as “A person who wears many hats fully.” After listening to her first full-length a

Long Beach Welcomes New Civic Center

By Melina Paris, Editorial Assistant Long Beach hosted the grand opening of its new civic center and city hall in downtown July 29. A crowd of about 600 people showed up to the new town square to hear speakers

Long Beach Road Diet Shows Small Progress

City officials are touting the Long Beach road diet a success, but their numbers are successfully confusing.  The Broadway Corridor Safety Improvements Project was completed in May

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