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Hawaiian Indigenous Peoples Protest

By Mark Friedman,  Reporter Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii — As we go to press, the protests and camp by Hawaiian indigenous people on the Big Island ends its second month. Several thousand i

Labor’s 2019 Balance Sheet

By Mark Friedman, Contributor Labor Day is a fitting time to assess the state of the labor movement, and 2019 has clearly been an interesting, if not contradictory, year for labor in the United States. Strikes

Environmental Groups Sue Phillips 66 Over Hazardous Waste Violations

By Mark Friedman, Contributor Phillips 66 Los Angeles Refinery will likely face a federal lawsuit from environmental groups alleging it has violated the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act since at

Report from Cuba: International Environmental Conference

By Brenda Lopez and Mark Friedman, RLn Correspondents Havana, Cuba — A strong US youth delegation participated in the 12th International Environmental Conference held in Havana, Cuba July 1 - 5. The delegation of 19

Thousands Nationwide Attend Immigrant Detention Protests

By Mark Friedman

More than 700 cities throughout the United States and internationally saw demonstrations Friday, July 12 protesting deplorable conditions in detention centers in the United States holding immigrant workers and youth fighting f

First Beach Life Festival Draws Thousands

By Mark Friedman, RLn Contributing Writer Inaugurating what might become an annual event, 10,000 South Bay residents came to hear scores of acts and big-name musicians such as Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Bob Weir (Grateful Dead

Luis Ascencio has tilled the soil at the Gaffey Street Farms for 25 years. Photo by Steven Guzman.

One Hundred Urban Farmers Fight Closure

By Mark L. Friedman, RLn Reporter City is proposing to shut down farms for a year in order to replace faulty water piping Over the past 50 years, the 300 community farm plots on No

Public Opposition Deepens in Fight Against Charter Co-location at Catskill

By Mark Friedman, RLn Contributor,Veteran Teacher

Opponents to Ganas co-location at Catskill Avenue Elementary school found a new ally in city councilman Jim Dear. The former teacher, mayor-turned city clerk-turned city co

Profit Drive Degrades Environment  

By Mark Friedman,  RLN Environmental Reporter In 1970, millions of young people and others turned out for the first Earth Day, carried by the momentum of massive social movements for civil and women’s right

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