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TRAA community council has been one of the most active in the fight to ban modified hydrofluoric acid or MHF. Photo courtesy of Torrance Refinery Action Alliance

MHF Ban – AQMD Board Delays Vote

By Mark L. Friedman, Contributor

On Feb. 1, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) staff briefed its Governing Board on possible regulati

UTLA Charter Teachers Strike Settled

Board motions to limit non-union charter start-ups

By Mark Friedman, Contributor UTLA’s charter school contingent ended its walkout at the three Accelerated Charter S

UTLA Teachers Ratify Contract But Say Fight is Not Over

Most teachers disappointed. ‘We could have gotten more, especially class size reduction.’

By Mark L. Friedman, RLn Contributor Rather than a traditional labor

Regional harbor area utla mtg

Week 2 On the Picketline, Picketlines Solid as LAUSD Flinches

By Mark Friedman, Random Lengths reporter

Entering into week 2 of the UTLA strike against LAUSD, student attendance at the schools was down to 15 percent and support on the picket lines from unions, parents, students and the commun

UTLA Strike Solid, Daily Breeze Goes Ballistic with “War” on Kids & Union

By Mark Friedman, 13-year veteran of California Teachers Association, Green Dot Public Schools, RLn Contributor Striking teachers photo by Jeff Manghera On Saturday January 19, UTLA organized re

Charter School Movement Out to Destroy Public Education

Wealthy "philanthropists" Eli Broad and Bill Gates finance privatization efforts, having Beutner’s support

By Mark Friedman; 13-year veteran of California Teachers Association, Green Dot Public Schools, RLn Contribut

Support LA’s 30,000 Educators

Their success is ours, too                               

By Mark Friedman, RLn Correspondent As a teacher and long-time unionist

Farm Day in Ventura County

A Road Tour: Where Our Food Originates

By Mark Friedman, RLn Staff Writer Farm day is an adventure for the entire family.  Held annually in Ventura County, this day features 20 farms a

California Wildfires Disaster: Natural Disaster or Preventable Social Catastrophe?

By Mark L. Friedman, RLN Contributor Working people in Paradise, Magalia and other California towns were hit by one of the worst wildfires in state history in November. The Camp Fire burned over 15

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