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Luis Ascencio has tilled the soil at the Gaffey Street Farms for 25 years. Photo by Steven Guzman.

One Hundred Urban Farmers Fight Closure

By Mark L. Friedman, RLn Reporter City is proposing to shut down farms for a year in order to replace faulty water piping Over the past 50 years, the 300 community farm plots on No

Public Opposition Deepens in Fight Against Charter Co-location at Catskill

By Mark Friedman, RLn Contributor,Veteran Teacher

Opponents to Ganas co-location at Catskill Avenue Elementary school found a new ally in city councilman Jim Dear. The former teacher, mayor-turned city clerk-turned city co

Profit Drive Degrades Environment  

By Mark Friedman,  RLN Environmental Reporter In 1970, millions of young people and others turned out for the first Earth Day, carried by the momentum of massive social movements for civil and women’s right

Teachers, Parents Fight to Save Public Education in the Harbor Area

By Mark Friedman, RLn Reporter CARSON — The battle to end the privatization of public schools is now centered at Catskill Avenue  Elementary in Carson, where a private charter s

NY to LA, Marchers Demand US Hands off Venezuela

By Mark Friedman, RLn Reporter Los Angeles was one of over 100 cities in the United States that saw demonstrations February 23 against US intervention in Venezuela and to stop the threats and destabilization effort

San Pedro Hosts Tall Ships Conference

By Mark Friedman, RLn Contributor Nearly 200 members of Tall Ships Association, crew members, administrators, maritime personnel and educators attended a three-day conference in San Pedro, sponsored by the national

Schools Funding Should Come from Corporations, Wealthy

Property parcel tax to pay for education is a backward idea that puts burden on working people By Mark Friedman, Contributing Writer Working people, homeowners, and the unemployed

TRAA community council has been one of the most active in the fight to ban modified hydrofluoric acid or MHF. Photo courtesy of Torrance Refinery Action Alliance

MHF Ban – AQMD Board Delays Vote

By Mark L. Friedman, Contributor

On Feb. 1, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) staff briefed its Governing Board on possible regulati

UTLA Charter Teachers Strike Settled

Board motions to limit non-union charter start-ups

By Mark Friedman, Contributor UTLA’s charter school contingent ended its walkout at the three Accelerated Charter S

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