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LA Youth Form US Hands-Off Cuba Committee

By Mark Friedman, Reporter Filling a decade-long gap in the existence of a Los Angeles-based committee that advocates normalization of relations with Cuba and an end to the blockade and embargo, nearly 30 participants, overwhelmingly Latinx, youth, students and y

US Hands Off Iran — Remember the Lies of 2003

By Mark Friedman Covering the demonstration in San Pedro against the U.S. war actions against Iran, brought back old memories of long-ago demonstrations against an American campaign of deceit, fear and false pride that produced an earlier massacre in the Middle East. I became angrier and a

Labor Notes — Teamsters oppose ruling that AB 5 does not apply to port truckers

By Mark Freidman The Teamsters are minimizing the significance of Superior Court Judge William Highberger’s Jan. 8 ruling  that California’s Assembly Bill 5 does not apply to port truck drivers: “While we believe Judge Highberger’s decision is wrong, the bottom

Greta Thunberg: ‘They try so desperately to silence us’

By Mark Friedman, Special Report from Europe Swedish activist Greta Thunberg said young people are “bringing change” to the Madrid climate talks and will not be silenced. She joined a march of 500,000 in Madrid and a conference of 30,000. At

Labor Notes — 11-21-19

Compiled by Mark L. Friedman

Port and Rail Drivers Win Court Decision Over Misclassification

Forty-one misclassified XPO Logistics port and rail drivers  recently filed $2.3 million in wage theft claims with

Labor Notes — ILWU Int’l and Local 8 Hit with $93 Million Judgement/ Boeing 737 Max Safety Cover-up

ILWU Int’l and Local 8 Hit with $93 Million Judgement

A jury in Portland awarded ICTSI Oregon Inc., the Port of Portland’s former container ship terminal operator, $93.6 million in damages from unions. The verdict, delivered Nov. 4, is

Labor Notes — Chicago Teachers Strike, Follows UTLA Strike and Gains

By Mark Friedman, Reporter Tens of thousands of teachers in Chicago staged their first walkout in seven years on Oct. 17. The Chicago Teachers’ Union, which represents more than 20,000 educators, have been n

Thousands March at LAX for Unions

By Mark Friedman, Reporter On Oct. 2, more than 2,000 airport employees and rideshare drivers rallied at Los Angeles International Airport in support of the “Unions for All” movement. LAX employees, Lyft a

Hawaiian Indigenous Peoples Protest

By Mark Friedman,  Reporter Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii — As we go to press, the protests and camp by Hawaiian indigenous people on the Big Island ends its second month. Several thousand i

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