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James Preston Allen is the founding publisher of Random Lengths News. He has been involved in the Los Angeles Harbor Area community for more than 40 years.

Two Perspectives, One Community

Curbed LA, Ports O’ Call and the last remaining waterfront to be gentrified

By James Preston Allen, Publisher The hipster real estate blog Curbed LA recently announced that San Pedro had fulfill

Waging the War of Words

The anti-government echo chamber and the neo-libertarian revolt against the Mueller investigation By James Preston Allen, Publisher I would bet that the vast majority of the reader

AltaSea’s Future Defies History

Krusoe and the future of fighting global climate change on the LA Waterfront

By James Preston Allen, Publisher In the history of the world, there has never been an industr

Looking Backwards to the Future

Progressive reforms were the reaction to the recessions and social turmoil in the 1880s

By James Preston Allen, Publisher Edward Bellamy wrote one of the top selling books

From Giving Tuesday to Giving Away America

Tax cuts to big corporation don’t create jobs, tax cuts for small business and the working class will

By James Preston Allen, Publisher Everyone should be very concerne

Two Short Years and Miles Away from America

From the White House to the shores of San Pedro

By James Preston Allen, Publisher It seems like it was just two short years ago that we lived in a country that was moving forward past historic racial divid

How Soon? How Much?

The missing pieces of the 50-year environmental battle

By James Preston Allen, Publisher On Nov. 2, the joint commissions at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach voted unanimously to ap

Hahn II and the New County Majority

From Los Angeles City Council to Congress to the Board of Supervisors

By James Preston Allen, Publisher Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn brought together 600 of her 4th District

Social Media is the Real Fake News Source

Revelations expose that  Facebook, Google are used by Russian Trolls

By James Preston Allen, Publisher As the resident skeptic in this part of the great metropolis at the Port of Los Ange

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