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James Preston Allen is the founding publisher of Random Lengths News. He has been involved in the Los Angeles Harbor Area community for more than 40 years.

The Battle of Automation

Many believe in the inevitability of automation even as its benefits are challenged, POLA spent its public trust currency on the battle

By James Preston Allen, Publisher

Bernie and the Daughters of the New American Revolution

The revolution will not be right back after a message About a white tornado, white lightning, or white people You will not hav

Fear or Courage — False Narritives on Freedom

By James Preston Allen, Publisher “Don’t you know They’re talkin’ bout a revolution It sounds like a whisper …” — Tracy Chapman The psychology of f

Here Come the Robots:

The global trade battle is at the doorsteps of the local economy

The stage is set and the battle lines are drawn in the fight over automation at the Port of Los Angeles’ Pier 400. On June 20, the Los Angeles Harbor

Homeless Count Up 45 Percent

Greater LA Homeless stats up in CD-15, Buscaino continues with clean ups and blames neighboring cities

By James Preston Allen, Publisher The June 4 release of  the Los An

Homeless on the Corner of 9th and Beacon Streets

Triage is the only right-now solution

By James Preston Allen, Publisher The 2019 Los Angeles Homeless Service Agency report landed like a bombshell on the county and city

I Think that it Rained Today

Feather toy news, car chases, the weather report and other distractions

By James Preston Allen, Publisher The other day it rained around noontime, an unseasonal downpour t

Blood and Graffiti

Caught between the port and the town

By James Preston Allen, Publisher On any given morning, I can hear both the sounds of the port and the traffic on Pacific Avenue from my back p

LAPD Sirens

Caution is Advised

On the way to a crime scene

By James Preston Allen, Publisher Sitting in my office on 13th Street, I have gotten used to the sirens routinely screaming up and down Pacific

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