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Trapped within the ironic predicament of wanting to know everything (more or less) while believing it may not be possible really to know anything at all. Greggory Moore is nonetheless dedicated to a life of study, be it of books, people, nature, or that slippery phenomenon we call the self. And from time to time he feels impelled to write a little

A Preview of Long Beach Opera’s: The Central Park Five

By Greggory Moore, Curtain Call Columnist  In 1989, a white jogger in New York’s Central Park was raped and beaten so badly she was administered last rites. Within hours, police ar

Elyse Mirto and David Nevell. Photo by Tracey Roman

“The Price” Is On-the-Nose Traditionalism (for Better or Worse)

Has Arthur Miller's time come and gone? Sometimes I think so. I couldn't agree more with New Yorker reviewer Gi

LB Playhouse’s “Seven Guitars” Likely to Please August Wilson Fans

By Greggory Moore, Curtain Call columnist There's nothing not to like about the conceit behind August Wilson's Pittsburgh Cycle

Long Beach Opera productionof Kafka's "Penal Colony" finished on May 5. Credit Keith Ian Polakoff

Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony”

Not Quite Able to Deliver on Its Compelling Concept

By Greggory Moore, Curtain Call Columnist There is no one like Franz Kafka for dramatizing the cruelty and absurdity seemingly inherent to all forms of a

“Silent Sky” Delivers More Laughs Than Inspiration

By Greggory Moore, Curtain Call Columnist

Unless you're quite the astronomy nerd, you've never heard of Henrietta Leavitt, but it's partly because of her that you know the u

A Live Mixtape By Tahirih Moeller

“A Live Mixtape” Tries to Help You Hear the Human Songs of the Inner City

By Greggory Moore , Curtain Call columnist

The naive high-school girl impregnated by a married man. The betrayed and vengeful wife. The neighborhood gossip. The

South Coast Repertory presents “Photograph 51” by Anna Ziegler, directed by Kimberly Senior. Cast: Giovanni Adams (James Watson), George Ketsios (Maurice Wilkins), Anil Margsahayam (Francis Crick), Riley Neldam (Ray Gosling), Josh Odsess-Rubin (Don Caspar), Helen Sadler (Rosalind Franklin). Julianne Argyos Stage, March 3-24, 2019.

“Photograph 51” Invites Us to Examine More than History & DNA

By Greggory Moore, Curtain Call Columnist In some ways it seems Rosalind Franklin never cracked the code. She was regarded as brilliant and beautiful, yet she had no close friends an

Long Beach Opera “Conversations” Have Multicultural Aims

By Greggory Moore, Arts Columnist Judging from the audience at a Long Beach Opera performance, you would never guess that this little big city occupying a cultural limbo between Los Angeles and Orange County h

Melodrama-The Revenge of the Baron's Revenge

Garage Theatre’s Melodrama Good for Kids & Carol Burnett Fans

By Greggory Moore, Curtain Call Columnist As an artform, melodrama is (to quote from the New Oxford American Dictionary

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