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Trapped within the ironic predicament of wanting to know everything (more or less) while believing it may not be possible really to know anything at all. Greggory Moore is nonetheless dedicated to a life of study, be it of books, people, nature, or that slippery phenomenon we call the self. And from time to time he feels impelled to write a little

One Man’s Misadventures with California’s Obamacare Website

By Greggory Moore When the Los Angeles Times recently spoke with Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, the state's registration hub for the Affordable Care Act

The Naked Guy at the Party; or, Naked Aggression; or, Don’t Be a Dick

By Greggory Moore A few years ago there was this great party in one of the communal, hippie-ish houses here in Long Beach. A rotation of DJs held it down behind a pair of turntables in the dining room, while an appreciative press of bodies churned in time, free and easy, 21st-century-hi

Can Long Beach Finally Get Out of Its Own Way in Regards to Medpot?

The medical-marijuana movement is here, and it's something we have to deal with and accept.
–Long Beach City Council member Robert Garcia, 2009-Aug-04

Despite those seemingly auspicious words, a review of the last four years reveals t

Jesus and Zombies: An Object Lesson in Freedom

If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.                 –Jesus Christ (as quoted in John 12:47)

FACT:  Jesus created the first zombi

A Syrian Among Us: A Refugee Struggles as His Homeland Disintegrates

"Syrian Regime Chokes Off Food To Town That Was Gassed." This title from an October 3rd Wall Street Journal article typifies the horror that Americans have heard coming out of the faraway land of Syria for the past couple of years. But the horror is far less remote for one Long

Immigrant-Rights Advocates Allege Questionable Towing/Impound Practices by Sheriff’s Department

A coalition of groups concerned with social justice are calling for Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to follow through on a promise they say he made to investigate alleged racial profiling and corruption that led to the improper towing and impounding of hundreds of vehicles owned by imm

Farm-to-Table Dinner Highlights the Possibilities of Local, Sustainable Food Production

[portfolio_slideshow id=5118] (Photos courtesy of It was a swanky spread featuring dishes prepared largely from food grown right there on that seven-acre food-producing oasis in the middle of Los Angeles County's biggest housing development, all with the goa

Long Beach Taking Steps Toward Better Water Conservation (But Needs to Take More)

Whether you write it off to conspicuous consumerism, favoring style over substance, or blatant disregard for environmental constrictions, Southern California pays a heavy cost for its vast acreage of European-style, non-native grass. How heavy? According to the Long Beach Water Departme

An Example of Good or Bad Helicopter Use by the LBPD?

Whether or not everything is really bigger in Texas, sometimes it seems that everything is smaller in Long Beach. Certainly that has been the case with public protests. Consider the Occupy movement of a couple of years ago, which in Long Beach topped out on its first night at about 300, th

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