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Trapped within the ironic predicament of wanting to know everything (more or less) while believing it may not be possible really to know anything at all. Greggory Moore is nonetheless dedicated to a life of study, be it of books, people, nature, or that slippery phenomenon we call the self. And from time to time he feels impelled to write a little

City of Long Beach’s “Year in Review” Admits Only the Good

As it does every year, the City of Long Beach has published a "Year in Review." This year the 16 full-color pages—available both online and in print—document a long list of City accomplishments, ranging

Despite Plans to Turn a Dozen Rural Acres of Long Beach into Housing, City Says Nothing Is Guaranteed

A little over three years ago I discovered one of the Long Beach's natural wonders hiding in plain sight in the middle of the 8th District: the 11.5 acres of rusticity that is the Wil

Happy New Year to the Police; or, How I Show My Love

"I'm crazy about the president, Josh. […] And I'll keep poking him with a stick. That's how I show my love." –Amy Gardner, in The West Wing ("The Red Mass")

It was just about midnight when I heard the tires of the Fullerton Police Departme

Diane Gershuny, In Memoriam: The Loss of a Long Beach Champion

I can't say I really knew Diane Gershuny. I didn't even know that cancer was a part of her life. So I was a bit stunned to walk into Portfolio Coffeehouse on Sunday night and see the newspaper notice of her death, right below a picture of her, smiling in that quiet way of hers. My acqua

How a Young Christian Musician’s Drug Choices Almost Ruined His Life

It was strange not to hear from Darin about the gig. Musicians can be flaky, and 20-year-olds even more so. But Darin was a pro. Literally. So despite the fact that none of us knew him especially well, his non-responsiveness over a period of several days was surprising.

It turne

RIOTstage: Building a Theatrical Rock ‘n’ Roll Future in the LBC

Photo: Josh Fischel, center, and the cast of "The Brit" (credit: Hadrian Suciu)

It was originally conceived solely as a theatre company. But founder Josh Fischel's increasing immersion within Long Beach's strong music scene led him to broaden RIOTstage's mission. Still

Giving and Its Discontents; or, Should We Ever Say “No”?

I was slightly lost on Gaffey St. in San Pedro and stopped to get my bearings. It seemed a coincidence that the homeless woman I'd passed a block earlier was heading my way, until it was clear she was zeroing in. As she asked me for spare change, I couldn't help focusing on her mouth. S

Excessive Force by the LBPD: An Unfair Perception or a Real Problem?

Back in 1989, when a TV camera crew filmed Long Beach police officers smashing a compliant suspect—allegedly guilty of no more than a traffic infraction—into a plate-glass window, the Long Beach Police Dep

New Arts Council President Adds an Edge to the Long Beach Establishment, Says Changes Are Coming

[portfolio_slideshow id=5359] By Greggory Moore It didn't take long for Marco Schindelmann to become immersed in the Long Beach arts scene. In 2005, one year after stumbling across the first iteration of SoundWalk, Schindelmann was a participant in the annual event, filling the Grand

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