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Trapped within the ironic predicament of wanting to know everything (more or less) while believing it may not be possible really to know anything at all. Greggory Moore is nonetheless dedicated to a life of study, be it of books, people, nature, or that slippery phenomenon we call the self. And from time to time he feels impelled to write a little

A Call to Connect from the Truncated Life of Markus Manley

This is not a story about Markus Manley, not really. I didn't know him well enough for that, and other publications will document the facts, WE Labs founder dead at 39 following surgery for esophageal varices, that sort of thing. This is not a story about his death, but about a le

Gloves Are Off in Three-Way Electoral Combat for Long Beach City Attorney

city atty3With Long Beach's acting city attorney trying to stave off challenges from a sitting city councilmember and an attorney who has file

Long Beach’s Proposed Medpot Tax: Legitimate Revenue or Mere Money-Grab?

Long Beach's history with medical marijuana has been, to put it mildly, inconsistent. In 2009 the City had an official "wait-and-see" attitude, tolerating the operation of over 50 medpot dispensaries. In 2010 the city council passed an ordinance officially sanctioning them, albeit at exorb

Why Businesses Everywhere Who Support Arizona’s SB 1062 Should Put “NO FAGGOTS” Signs in Their Windows

My friend Jericho once told me he preferred racists who called him "nigger" to those who hid (perhaps even from themselves) behind a façade of tolerance and phrases like "Some of my best friends are Black." His rationale was simple: If someone calls you "nigger," you may not like him,

Is Long Beach Leaving Aesthetics Behind in Push Toward New, $5M Beach Path?

In 2003, after a process the City of Long Beach labeled "a competitive selection to develop concepts for an integrated artwork program for city parks and the beach along the city's shoreline," based on the recommendations of the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Marine Advisory Commissi

Saving the Donut: A Win for Long Beach Preservationism

It's big, it's pink-frosted, and it's definitely a Long Beach landmark. But in the Long Beach tradition of tearing down its landmarks, the giant donut that has proudly stood on its edge above The Daily Grind Espresso Bar on 7th Street near Pacific Coast Highway for decades is in danger

Long Beach Through the Eyes of a Longtime Frequent Visitor

Typically Long Beachers have plenty to say—good and bad—about the city we call home. But what impressions does it make on others, particularly those rare individuals who have both spent a lot of time in Long Beach and have a lot with which to compare it? The thought came to mind whi

Observing a Sign of the Changed Times During Black History Month

At the center of Let's Misbehave, a recent musical built around the music of Cole Porter, are three friends who vow to fall in love by the Fourth of July. Although the time period of the play is not made explicit, the music, lyrics, and Art Deco urbanity lead us to infer this a

Should the Presumption of Innocence Influence How Media Report on Allegations of Heavily Stigmatized Crimes?

“To name a rape victim is to guarantee that whenever somebody hears her name, that somebody will picture her in the act of being sexually tortured," writes Helen Benedict in her 1992 book Virgin or Vamp: How the Press Covers Sex Crimes. "To expose a rape victim to this without h

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