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The Sides of December

By Ari LeVaux, Contributor The roast beast may be the main event on most holiday tables and typically, that’s the responsibility of the host. But since on any given night we are statistically more likely to be a guest at the party than the ho

Cuckoo for Coca Nog

By Ari LeVaux, Contributor When the weather turns cold, hot cocoa is everyone’s friend. It plays well with others and offers something for everyone. At work, mix it with coffee for more working power. At play, mix it with booze for more playing pow

After Thanksgiving: Glorious Leftover Turkey Noodle Soup

By Ari LeVaux, Contributor Thanksgiving marks the start of the winter holidays, and a parallel season of enhanced leftovers consumption.  It can be a freewheeling, chaotic time, when pieces of feasts and roas

The Facts of Garlic

Article & photos by Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan Columnist This time of year, the biology of garlic becomes impossible to ignore. A green shoot appears inside every clove of every head of garlic in the Nor

Blended Lemon Bender

By Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan Columnist If I could get across one point today, it would be that people should be putting lemons in blenders, everything but the seeds. Don’t stop blending until all the lemo

Crepe Omelet: A Trans-Atlantic Home Economics Mystery Thriller

By Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan Every time a new health study about eggs is published, it becomes increasingly clear that what they actually cause is whiplash. This past May we learned that eggs d

Two Drinking Custards

By Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan almost missed my flight out of Charles de Gaulle once, when luggage scanners found one of my bags full of cartons of a liquid so dense it was almost solid. The tension finally broke

Chef Oh’s Spicy Malaysian Seafood Curry

By Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan With a soft serve ice cream machine, a deep fryer, and a refrigerated counter full of fresh seafood, John’s Fish Market in Vineyard Haven, MA, could be mistaken fo

Flash in the Pan: Carnivores Whimper for Celery and Tofu

By Ari LeVaux, Guest Columnist When a tofu-based vegetarian dish can make a bloodthirsty carnivore whimper with anticipation, it has my attention.  Perhaps you know this type of guy, to whom bread

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