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Chef Oh’s Spicy Malaysian Seafood Curry

By Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan With a soft serve ice cream machine, a deep fryer, and a refrigerated counter full of fresh seafood, John’s Fish Market in Vineyard Haven, MA, could be mistaken fo

Flash in the Pan: Carnivores Whimper for Celery and Tofu

By Ari LeVaux, Guest Columnist When a tofu-based vegetarian dish can make a bloodthirsty carnivore whimper with anticipation, it has my attention.  Perhaps you know this type of guy, to whom bread

The World’s Most Interesting Pepper

By Ari LeVaux, Flash in the Pan If I were stranded on a desert island with one type of chile pepper, it would definitely be the jalapeño.  There are many ways that chile can be used and the jalap

For the Love of ‘Fresh’ Garlic

By Ari Leveaux, Guest Contributor It’s easy to take garlic for granted, given how easy it is to find fresh all year. By “fresh,” we mean not preserved in any way, but simply still alive, despite being harvest

The Omnivore Life Examined

By Ari LeVaux, Guest Columnist As we rang in the new year, the one issue that’s poised to dominate discussions of food and agriculture is the place of meat in the modern human diet. This debate strikes