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Buono: On Making the Perfect Pizza

By Terelle Jerricks

Review of The Universe of Matt Jennings

By John Farrell The Universe of Matt Jennings is the personal story of, yes, Matt Jennings, told in part as a Star Trek adventure, but very much more than just an exploration of a young man's growth told in terms of James T. Kirk. It was performed, only twice, as one part of the

Oliver at Westchester Playhouse

[slideshow] By John Farrell You've got to wonder where they get them. When Oliver! opened in London in 1960 it was unique. When it Opened on Broadway in 1963 it was still nearly unique, and the film version, which won the Best Picture Oscar in 1968, still used only one child as

Boubouffe: Mediterranean Grille at the Shore

By Gretchen Williams, Cuisine Writer Colorful tajine chimneys speak of Morocco, while classic Nicoise salad makes delicious work of rare Ahi tuna with a French accent. All the flavors, scents and spices surrounding the Mediterranean Sea come together at Boubouffe. Spare, modern and E

Culture Clash’s American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose–The Review

[slideshow] By John Farrell For nearly 28 years now, since they were founded on Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco's Mission District, the three members of Culture Clash, Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza, have been delighting audiences with their vivid, iconoclastic and very

Less Than a Side Show

[slideshow] By John Farrell It's an intriguing idea: have two wonderful singing actresses portray Siamese twins, joined (literally) at the hip and destined to live their lives together. Side Show did just that, and the show lasted on Broadway for just 97 performances a decade and

Saving Shakespeare From a Thousand Cuts

By John Farrell A 15th annual miracle will take place at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro this summer. Putting together Shakespeare by the Sea can be considered a miracle because of the amount of work it takes to produce.

Getting the Best Brew For Your Buck

By Michael Koger, Guest Columnist

The Surrealness of Knives and Breast

[slideshow] By John Farrell In true surrealist tradition, the opera started early. Well, not really. The peripatetic Long Beach Opera company offered its second production of the year, Tears of a Knife and The Breasts of Tiresias, at the Center Theater of the Long Beac

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