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Harbor Currents for May 9, 2012


Occupy BofA from San Pedro to North Carolina

San Pedro-- A dozen Occupy San Pedro demonstrators picketed Bank of America's local branch in solidarity wit the hundreds of Occupy Wall Streets activists that descended upon the bank's shareholder

The Fix With Some Screws Loose

By John Farrell

The Fix boasts a first-rate cast of singing actors, an on-stage band that can almost make you believe in the show's less-than-electrifying rock score, and a production that is profes

From Mother to Daughter

By John Farrell Night Mother is the moving story of two people, an aging mother and her epileptic daughter, locked in the final night of their relationship. It's been told before, notably in a film, but you will hardly see a better version than at Little Fish Theatre the nest tw

Goose and Tomtom Defies Easy Descriptions

[slideshow] By John Farrell Goose and Tomtom is so many plays at once that any description, any attempt to tell you what it is all about, simply fails. Yes, it is about two hapless gun-crazy would-be robbers who can't figure out where their loot went. It's also about the dreams

Staging the Life of August G

[slideshow] By John Farrell Armand Gatti is a prolific French playwright and filmmaker who is little known outside France, partially because his films have never been available on video, partly because his plays have rarely been seen outside France.

Review With a Little Panache

[slideshow] By John Farrell Panache, the play that opened at Little Fish Theatre last Friday, is supposed to be all about a license plate. Holly Baker-Kreiswirth plays Kathleen Trafalgar, a socialite with a fake accent and the wherewithal to find out who has the plate she wants,

The Tawdry Backside of Broadway

By John Farrell Forbidden Broadway 2 is a hilariously funny review that takes the best of Broadway musicals and parodies and pokes fun at them, lovingly, yes, but with plenty of cactus-sharp points and even more costume changes (46 all tolled) along the way. Musical Theatre West i

Tartuffe: Piety is a Great Disguise for Profligacy But at Least We Can Laugh at It

By John Farrell There is nothing new in the world, or so it seems. The stories of pious men, politicians and bankers who manage to fool almost everyone while they gleefully rob and letch their way through life seem common to the modern world. They were nothing new three hundred and more y

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