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When the World Goes boom!

[slideshow] By John Farrell Take a marine biologist obsessed with the end of the world, a female journalism student looking for love in exactly the wrong place, a tank of fishes and a woman who literally pulls switches to make the story happen, and you have boom, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's e

Sherlock Holmes at the LB Playhouse

[slideshow] By John Farrell Robert Downey, Jr. is now the public's best-known Sherlock Holmes – at least for those with a taste for kick-boxing action films. But long, long before Downey Holmes was a huge hit on the theatrical boards in a play by American actor-writer William Gillette,

Quills is about censorship, and the Marquis De Sade gets in the way

[slideshow] By John Farrell Quills is billed as a play about the Marquis de Sade, and you know in advance there is going to be nudity: you have to check your cell phone at the door so no inadvertent pictures will be downloaded onto social media sites. But the reality is very different fr

Warner Grand and Encore Entertainers–A Perfect Match

Mrs.T’s Gift Ideas

“Mrs.T” is an imaginary consultant for the confused, advising diners and Valentiners on the best meal for the best deal at this loving time. Though the letters are admittedly fabricated, the issues are authentic, based on questions presented to Entrée Columnist Gretchen Willia

Not One More Foot of Land

[slideshow] By John Farrell Not One More Foot of Land is not a great play. It is too long, too leisurely and in the premier production by Secret Rose Theatre, there are a lot of things to argue with.

Man of La Mancha at the Carpenter

[slideshow] By John Farrell Man of La Mancha is everything a Broadway musical should be, and you can see it a lot closer to home.

Annie at the Warner Grand

[slideshow] By John Farrell If you missed Annie at the Warner Grand Theatre within the first weekend in February there is good news and bad.  

Maria de Buenos Aires: An Operita on Argentina’s Dirty War

On Sunday, the Long Beach Opera returns to the Warner Grand Theatre. It hasn't been a frequent visitor to the 80-plus year old house. But with the performances of composer Astor Piazzolla's Maria de Buenos Aires, set for Jan. 29 at 2 p.m. and Feb 4 at 8 p.m., opera will

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