Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Who is Stealing Your Vote?

Thom Hartmann’s new book, The Hidden History of the War on Voting — Who Stole Your Vote — And How to Get it Back By...

Walter Lippmann in Wonderland: Project Censored’s Top 10 Stories

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor  Every year, Project Censored scours the landscape for the most important stories that the mainstream corporate media somehow missed and every...

Project Censored, Part III

Prepping the World for Critical  Media Literacy in the Age of #MeToo By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor The writing of  Censored 2019 was largely wrapped up...

Clickbait News a Hard Habit to Kick

By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor The American news diet is filled with the real and the absurd, challenging the ability of everyday Americans’ to filter...

The Real Fight Against Fake News:

Project Censored’s  Top 10 Censored Stories By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor Illustrations by Anson Stevens-Bollen, Santa Fe Reporter Fake news is not a new thing. With the...

Project Censored Event

Join us at the RLn headquarters and get your copy of the Project Censored book signed by authors Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth.   March...

Junk Food News

Framing and Avatars in the Post-truth Age By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor A year ago, Random Lengths News and the rest of America’s alternative press celebrated...

Fake News, Dark Money and More Censored Storylines

By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor In America, we commonly think of press freedom and censorship in terms of the First Amendment, which focuses attention on...

Propaganda, Censorship, Transparency

As we watch the bizarre and animated implosion of Donald J. Trump’s campaign tweeting itself into a never-ending spiral of defeat, there is something to be learned from this historic unraveling of a presidential campaign. The weaponizing of social media through political disinformation, the slow response of major media corporations to fact check candidate statements and the circus of cross allegations meant to confuse the public, should give us all great pause.

The 10 Censored Stories of 2015-16

Throughout its 40-year history, Project Censored has covered a lot of ground that the corporate mainstream media has missed.

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Earthquake Damage In San Pedro

Earthquake brought flooding near Weymouth corners.

Long Beach Convention Center will serve as LA County Vote Center

Every Vote Center will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the early voting period.

Environmental Films Discussion Magnifies Need For Diplomacy

Thebaut aligns with the use of solar wind and tidal energy, even nuclear power is a clean energy. As a regional environmental planner he created numerous environmental impact statements and planning studies under the national and state environmental policy act. He said we must have the technologies to create mitigating measures and the knowledge on how we can mitigate the impact.

More COVID Testing Available

By law, the insurance company may not charge you any co-pay, deductible, or any out-of-pocket expense for the test.