Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Facing the New Face of Restaurants

By Gretchen Williams, Dining and Cuisine Writer In Amsterdam, restaurant tables are perched next to the canals and enclosed in clear glass greenhouses, traditionally used to grow plants.  In Connecticut, clear plastic igloos protect diners at an outdoor restaurant. In Vilnius, Lithuania, the entire capital city is being turned into an open air cafe, allowing restaurants to set up tables...

When the Cost of Meat is a Pound of Flesh

Local restaurants are facing higher meat prices By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Three barbecue days mark the beginning, the middle and the end of summer. But like much else in American life, the coronavirus pandemic will probably alter how Americans celebrate warm temperature holidays and their gastronomy for years to come. When it became clear that the government-imposed stay-at-home orders would...

Greed… It’s What’s for Dinner

By Leslie Belt, Contributing Columnist According to a Gallup poll released this past January, nearly one quarter of adults in the United States said that they had cut back on meat consumption. Among these, women, people of color, Democrats and those between the ages of 18 and 25 reported the greatest drop. While health was cited as the...

My Father’s BBQ Reopens Following Food Drive

By Joseph Baroud, Reporter The owner and head chef at My Father’s BBQ teamed up with Carson councilmembers to distribute more than 300 meals outside of their restaurant on a bright and sunny May 14. The restaurant also partnered with Meals on Wheels and provided them 135 meals to deliver to senior citizens all over Carson. The owner Marvin Hardley and...

Here’s to Life During Quarantine: Happy Hour on Wheels

By Gretchen Williams, Food Writer Joy in small things is one of the lessons of this season of confinement. The beauty of spring is joined by the brilliant concept of Happy Hour on Wheels in San Pedro. As long as food is ordered as well, a growler, a bottle of wine or an artfully blended cocktail can give your long...

Cuisine To Go: Meals On Heels

By Gretchen Williams,  Food Writer Life in San Pedro is changing, as we watch the fruit trees bloom and the jacaranda trees getting ready for their lavender explosion, signaling summer to come. Even how we shop, organize, cook and eat has changed in this time of uncertainty. The restaurant community is determined to survive and thrive in spite of the...

Bird Talk Chicken is All the Chatter

By Gretchen Williams, Dining and Cuisine Writer New to Western and Crestwood, this is not Chicken Little. Bird Talk puts the Colonel to shame. State of the art fried chicken is flying out the door. Bird Talk is chicken central, with a focus on the juicy and crispy.  The menu has a terrific chicken sandwich, way ahead of any chain offering. ...

La Siciliana Adds ‘Delicious’ to San Pedro

By Gretchen Williams, Dining and Cuisine Writer Sicily is blessed with the sun and the citrus, the sea and the sage common to the Mediterranean. San Pedro shares the blessings of the sun and sea, and now is complete with the cuisine of Sicily at home on 6th Street.  La Siciliana is a tiny piece of Palermo transported to downtown...

Quarantine-Friendly World War I Recipes

Tired of frozen food and want to experiment with the basics you have in the pantry? The National World War I Museum and Memorial has some alternative culinary options for your perusal. Recipes from the World War I era of food conservation and rationed goods, an appropriate project for the age we live in now. Win the War in the...

Rolling on Meal Deliveries: San Pedro Meals on Wheels Provides Real Service

By Katrina Guevara, Contributor Is San Pedro on lockdown? You wouldn’t be able to tell from the volunteers at San Pedro Meals on Wheels, who are still rocking the kitchen and rolling the results to hungry mouths five days a week, serving an average of 40 clients with 80 meals a day. If anything, the arrival of COVID-19 has pushed the...