Random Letters: 8-4-22


Peck Park Shooting: Mayberry RFD Reacts to Crime in San Pedro

So, yesterday (July 26) I attended a community forum with the LAPD to discuss the shooting at Peck Park. Joe Buscaino opened the meeting with a forceful campaign speech to vote for ‘law and order!’ in the upcoming mayoral election, and to recall Gascon, naturally. That was followed by 30 minutes of various members of the LAPD and park patrol congratulating themselves for their courage and bravery on Sunday (it was all over when they got there and they have not apprehended a suspect). 


Then many more appeals for more resources, even though the LAPD budget is $1 billion, yes, billion. Lots of creepy neighbors complaining about ‘people from Compton’ causing trouble. As the meeting ended, all the brave officers got in their cruisers to drive away while next-door, at that very moment, tires were screeching and rubber was burning from the hoodlums who come nearly every day to run doughnuts behind the CVS parking lot. 

Well, I guess I fulfilled my civic duty by attending but there were no surprises. In spite of their enormous budget, a general rule of thumb is that police do not prevent crime, they react to crime, and then they take credit for running to the scene. Eight people were shot Sunday and two died. This was a serious incident and I felt like I was watching an episode of Mayberry RFD. Buscaino played Barney Fife.

Andrea Serna, San Pedro

Condolences to the Victims

My condolences to all lives lost and the families impacted by the senseless act of violence at Peck Park. We must ensure our parks are safe for all to enjoy at all times. 

Surveillance cameras, lighting, more patrols from Park Rangers and LAPD need to be consistent in our recreational areas. We must use all proactive steps before these incidents occur, instead of being reactive. No one, no matter where they reside, should feel it is justifiable to commit any crime, anywhere, especially in recreational areas. All those involved need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law. Our families, children and community deserve better.  

We can have more officers patrolling today by removing them from clerical duties and placing them in patrol vehicles. Added patrols are needed throughout our district, I am committed to this fact. 

The permitting process should be analyzed but this much is clear, all should be able to enjoy any park, anywhere without violence and discrimination.

We must find the best solutions, ensure this never occurs again, heal from this tragedy so we can once again feel safe and secure in our local parks and community.

 Danielle Sandoval, Candidate for CD15

Open Letter

Dear Councilman Joe Buscaino,

On Sunday (7/24/22), at about 4 p.m. we kept hearing sirens and helicopters over Peck Park that lasted past 10 p.m. We later learned that two people were killed and five people still in hospitals for gun shot wounds. This was an un-permitted car show event that did not have any security.

Since Miraflores Home Owners Association is directly below the baseball diamond at Peck Park, it was the location where the shooting apparently took place. This is also where two fires in the canyon took place on April 28 and May 12. On May 12, it took 81 firefighters and a number of helicopters dropping water to contain the fire from spreading to many homes in the area and was caused by a homeless encampment.

We are very concerned about the homeless taking up residence in the canyon and now we have gangs shooting with automatic weapons and killing people. We are also concerned about the policy of Peck Park Recreation in the fact that they are being too relaxed about over-all security of the park where it is becoming unsafe to walk your dog on the trails.

Peck Park is failing to make it safe for those that want to enjoy the Park. Parks and Recreation needs to take control of the park, as the homeless and gangs are disrupting our quality of life.

I would appreciate a response to this letter.  Thank you.

John Winkler, San Pedro

EPA revision to its Risk Management Plan Rule

I live close to two of the roughly 40 oil refineries in the United States that use highly toxic Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) to produce high-octane gasoline. In 2015, one of those refineries suffered an explosion that came close to releasing HF into the surrounding homes and schools, potentially causing thousands of deaths and injuries. I was in the ash plume that day and would likely have died if there had been a release. Similar “near misses” have occurred in Philadelphia, Superior Wisconsin, Bellingham Washington, and Corpus Christi Texas.

Refineries are inherently dangerous places under normal conditions. They are especially vulnerable to earthquakes, natural disasters, and cyberattacks. Using a chemical as dangerous as HF when there are commercially available alternatives that carry no offsite risk is irresponsible.

I understand that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning to release a proposed revision to its Risk Management Plan Rule. I support a strong Rule that requires an audited assessment of safer alternatives, prioritizes conversion away from the use of toxic chemicals like HF, and provides clear deadlines.

Steven Goldsmith, Palos Verdes Estates


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