Random Letters: 7-23-20


Parents Need Teaching Materials

It’s nice to have a set course and now that we accept it we can begin making better plans.

Let’s face it, computers are not the only answer. Never in the 30-plus years working in the classroom have teachers not had an array of teaching materials on hand. They have books, worksheets, supplemental workbooks and teacher’s guides, offering hands-on activity ideas to fill in the gaps.

Computers were and still should be just one tool in the toolbox. We are setting ourselves and our kids up for frustration and failure if we do not give our parents and children 100% of what they had and need to really get them learning. The school district can bring teachers back to campus or alternate working at home to assemble and provide these materials our tax paying dollars have already gone towards.

Our teachers know their kids and can maintain meaningful engagement with their students by issuing out grade level books, individualized lesson plans and hands-on materials to allow necessary reading and writing skills to continue.

Physically completing an assignment gives both parents, students and most importantly the teachers a way to evaluate and assess areas of need. Do a drive-up-pass-out approach. As a matter of fact, let’s throw in incentives for completed work, like vouchers for learning supplies that children and or parents can use to enhance the teaching experience. Pay for a virtual museum tour, art supplies and music lessons or buy high interest publications like Kids National Geographic and others.

We can get highly creative when we collaborate knowing and accepting the course ahead and start planning today.  Call to action. Call the district!

Carol Holton, San Pedro