Riverside County to Extend Social Distancing Measures throughout June 19 


Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-face-mask-3902881/ 

While some states are aggressively resisting social distancing measures, such as Alabama, others are working hard to flatten the coronavirus curve. California is just one of them. Officials have made it clear that people aren’t allowed to leave their homes, unless it’s for a good reason like purchasing food or going to the bank, and they must practice physical distancing. Companies have implemented work-from-home policies and large gatherings have been banned altogether to stem the spread of the deadly disease. California is committed to ensuring that all residents are protected from the COVID-19 virus.

Riverside County intends to take things one step further. More precisely, the Riverside County Health Department has extended its orders, demanding that all residents wear face coverings, which conceal the mouth, nose, and eyes, and avoid close contact through June 19. This is meant as a precautionary measure. This isn’t the time to let the guard down and, most importantly, the measures taken until now would go to waste. Social distancing measures won’t be relaxed any time soon. People will still have to maintain a 1,5 m distance between then and wear face masks. 

Social distancing will be the new normal for quite a while 

Efforts will be made to re-open the state of California. Nevertheless, officials warn that the battle against the novel coronavirus isn’t over. It’s not possible to totally eliminate COVID-19 within its borders, at least not for the time being, which is why people can’t resume their normal lives. They risk succumbing to illness and even dying. Things won’t get back to normal until people get immunity or an efficient vaccine is discovered. Re-opening plans will be based exclusively on facts and data, not on hopes. This is what the governor announced on April 28. For the time being, there is some stability in the number of coronavirus cases, but there’s no way of knowing if the situation will escalate.

Getting back on topic, social distancing will be the new normal in Riverside County. People’s journey in navigating the stay-at-home directive has started early enough. They have altered their routines and searched for unforeseen opportunities to preserve sanity while still searching for a sense of purpose. The world can’t go back to normal, which means that social distancing will be here for a long, long time. What people refuse to understand is that some things will never go back to normal. It might not be possible to completely regain normalcy, which isn’t so bad as it seems. Change translates into progress.  

Ways to make social distancing more bearable   

The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced us to question everything culture has thought us. We have to let go of the forms of communication that we’ve been using forever and stop engaging with one another at personal distance.  Given the fact that social distancing isn’t going to end any time soon in Riverside County, residents have no choice but to accept the new reality. Individuals desperately feel the need to affiliate with others, so it’s hard for them to accept that they can’t spend time with friends and family. 

Physical distancing doesn’t mean that people should be completely isolated from society. It’s simply a means to help us prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While increasing the physical distance between us, we mustn’t create emotional distance. On the contrary, staying connected is more important than ever. Here are some examples of ways to make social distancing more bearable: 

Making phone calls and trying video chat 

We must acknowledge that we’ve entered a time of acute loneliness. This state of vulnerability can affect individuals of all ages. Loneliness is dangerous because it can possibly lead to stroke and cardiovascular disease. This is why it’s so important for residents of Riverside County to make an effort and pick up the phone. Phone calls are an essential part of human interaction even though we’re living in a highly technological age. Talking to someone on the phone will always be important. What about video chatting? From time to time, it’s nice to see the person you’re talking to. Zoom is largely considered the best application for the coronavirus lockdown. 

Reading a book 

Reading creates cognitive engagement, in addition to the fact that it enhances vocabulary, thinking skills, and concentration. People can put a positive spin on the coronavirus lockdown by reading a book, preferably non-fiction. The good news is that books are easy to access without leaving the home. Libraries across the globe allow members to borrow e-books, as well as audiobooks. Those who prefer having their own copies can order what they need from the Internet. Waiting lists have been removed in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. 

Maintaining a healthy body 

Usual routines have got out the window, so people forget all about living healthy. This is a mistake because to fight the COVID-19 virus, it’s necessary to have a good immune system. Exercise goes a long way in terms of maintaining a healthy body. One thing that many don’t think about is hemp products that have a rich profile of nutrients and useful bioactive compounds, contributing to skin health, heart health, and brain health. The things that individuals put into their bodies, such as cigarettes and alcohol, are downright toxic, as opposed to hemp products. 

The bottom line is that social distancing is the new norm and it’s essential to make the best of the current situation. If someone is sick and there aren’t people around, the virus can’t spread. Physical distancing translates into the fact that we’re doing our best to limit the spread of COVID-19. It’s hoped that more areas in Los Angeles and possibly in the Long Beach Harbor area. Social distancing guidelines need to be maintained until there is guarantee that citizens’ lives aren’t at risk. Communities should continue to stay at home and abstain from meeting with others face to face. It might sound drastic, but drastic measures are necessary to put an end to this health crisis. 

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