Cancellation of Public Hearing


The public hearing scheduled for March 12, before the City Planning Commission, has been canceled. The hearing was in regards to a proposed project located at 2111 to 2139 S. Pacific Ave., San Pedro. The public hearing for the project will be rescheduled to a date to be determined. Subsequent noticing will be released with the new hearing date, time and location.

The proposed project was for demolition and removal of all existing uses on the project site and the development of a new four-story mixed use building comprised of 100 dwelling units [including 11 units restricted to Very Low Income Households] with two retail spaces. The project will provide 75 parking spaces in two subterranean levels and 75 long term and eight short term bicycle parking spaces. The project will be 77, 945 square feet in floor area, it will cover an entire block face and it is separated by adjacent residential uses by way of an alley. The site is currently improved with a 1,490 square foot single tenant bar, surface parking lot and vacant lot with 10 trees on the subject site and 11 trees along the public right-of-way, all of which will be removed to clear the lot. The project proposes 20,000 cubic yards of grading and the export of 20,000 cubic yards of soil.


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