Random Letters: 9-26-19


Glacial Movement at POC

Great stories!  As a San Pedran, I think the last sentence of your OpEd [Tale of Two Realities 9/12 to 25, 2019] on Ports O’Call is spot on. It’s been glacial my whole life!

Sabrina Skacan, San Pedro

And Then This

Liked your article on two Pedros. On General … balance and informative. It seems to be a giant shit show!

Ken Collins, San Pedro

On Trump

This morning, Donald Trump and his Administration revoked California’s auto emission standards, completely roadblocking our progress toward cleaner air and a stronger economy.

This isn’t a loss — we will fight back and we will prevail. We’re getting under Trump’s skin, team. We are proving that no matter what he does to undermine and undo our hard-fought progress — we won’t roll over. Our fight to make sure families pay less at the pump, to create a better environment, and to be a leader in the global market is a threat to Trump.

Why? Because he knows that we will succeed — and it terrifies him.

So, let’s show him this movement isn’t backing down. We’re gaining momentum, and we won’t rest until we’ve won. We are nothing less than a progressive answer to a transgressive president. Thank you for being by my side and for your contribution today.

Now, let’s get to work.

Gov. Gavin Newsom,, Sacramento

A Student’s Perspective on Climate Strike

On Sept. 20, tens of thousands of students skipped school and attended the Global Climate Strike at Pershing Square in Los Angeles, California. This protest was just three days before the UN’s Climate Summit on Monday. Many of these people called for Action by the US government and some even called out President Trump for failing to recognize climate change as an issue.

Animo Leadership Charter High School’s Senior Vice President and Vice President of MEChA (a Latinx/Chicano-Political Club) mentions, “I am protesting because I don’t want my kids to have to worry about climate change even more than we are now.” At the protest he held a sign that read “Make The Earth Great Again” and when asked about the sign he had his to say: “Trump is always saying and wearing a cap that says “Make America Great Again” but f**k that, make the Earth great again. Make Earth habitable for everyone again. We humans have made so many technological innovations and yet we fail to use them in ways that benefit everyone just because big corporations only care about the profits and not the people. It’s like my club mentor always says to us,‘The technology exists it’s just the politics that don’t let us make change.’”

Students took to the streets of Los Angeles and marched over a mile to spread their ideas about climate change and how even though some fail to realize it, climate change is a very real thing. MEChA President Osvaldo Barba noticed the weather was extremely hot, and how, “It’s literally the middle of September and it’s like 80 degrees.” According to holiday-weather.com, September remains extremely  warm in Los Angeles with an average temperature of about 69°F.

Many are experiencing the effects of climate change as the days get warmer and people still claim, that climate change does not exist. The science is all there, people just choose to ignore it.

Jose Velasquez, 12th Grader, Animo Leadership Charter High School, Inglewood

Telling People to Go to Hell

Some may ask whether a hate-spitting lackey to the President entered the race in California’s 44th congressional district so as to divide “the Billy vote” over who can take second place in the March primary.

The recent arrival of Billy Earley makes him the sixth candidate to enter the crowded race for California’s 44th District, which the press describes as, “the most Democratic seat in the nation.”

Billy Orton, who entered six months ago, as the third candidate, is a “New Skool” Republican, telling voters that both major parties are broken, and calling for smaller govt and fiscal discipline.

Has the Tyrant-in-Chief tossed another Republican named Billy into the race to shut down the “New Skooler?”

Perhaps the proper reply is from Mr. Churchill, who said, “Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to Hell in such a way that they ask for directions.”

Rev. Wm. R. “Billy” Orton, Republican Candidate, California’s 44th Congressional District

On “Little Italy”

We wrote the council office a polite but pointed letter when it was rumored that Pepper Tree Plaza might be rebranded as an Italian locale. That was earlier in the year. No one from the office cared to respond. We might later find a way to correct the historical record more publicly.

Perhaps the new sign should be mounted further east to mark a historic Italian enclave on Terminal  Island (TI).

From the San Pedro Daily News of July  13, 1906:

Italian Colony Growing

Long Beach census takers have been working among the denizens of the fishermen’s colony on the long strip of land which leads out toward Dead Man’s Island, and have found that there are exactly 187 who make their homes there. They are almost without exception engaged in fishing for a livelihood, and among the inhabitants of this isolated district there is a very large percentage of Italians. However, they are a hard-working, deserving class of people.

Mona Dallas Reddick, President of the San Pedro Bay Historical Society, San Pedro