The Long Arc of History


Some secrets are only revealed too late and lost in the Twittersphere

By James Preston Allen, Publisher

Amidst the uproar over the president-elect’s latest tweet, his latest cabinet picks, and the latest revelations on the impact of Russian hacking on his surprise election win, the airing of Michael Kirk’s documentary film, Divided States of America, on Frontline (PBS) was overlooked.

The documentary, which aired on Jan. 18, examines President Barack Obama’s two terms in office and the widening divide over politics, race, and economics. The documentary noted that when Obama was elected eight years ago, Democrats became a majority in both houses of Congress. Pundits prognosticated that the Republican party would be out of power for at least a generation.

The documentary, however, reveals  how instead of accepting the dead-on arrival prognosis, Republican party members gathered at their favorite watering hole and mapped out a plan to stop Obama. The plan from the very beginning was to keep any of his objectives from ever being implemented or passed. That’s exactly what they’ve done for the last eight years.

Their strategy explains a great deal about why so little has been accomplished by this Republican-led Congress, which was won back, starting the with the House of Representatives in 2010 and the Senate by 2012. This is also why Obama began to increasingly turn to executive orders to get his agenda accomplished.

The stalemate was planned by none other than Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and a co-author and architect of the  Contract With America.

It also reveals how politically naïve Obama was to the ways of D.C.  politics as he tried repeatedly to cross the divide between liberals and conservatives to weld bi-partisan support for the economic recovery and the Affordable Care Act, subsequently dubbed ObamaCare.

This was probably Obama’s greatest failing as president. Under his tenure, the nation has only grown more divided. In the end, that divide created both the Tea Party revolt and the election of someone who is the exact opposite of Barack Obama. Our country hasn’t been this divided since the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War era.

As the nation celebrates civil rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr. with street parades and closed government buildings, I’m reminded of how my generation reacted to assassinations of national leaders like King, President John F. Kennedy, or his brother Sen. Robert Kennedy and never found satisfaction in the official explanations given. This was so after the FBI Counter Intelligence Program was exposed following the 1971 burgling of FBI field office of classified dossiers which were distributed to the media. News of President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal spread. He and his merry band of political plumbers were caught red handed.

President Obama likes to quote Dr. King regarding the nature of justice, saying:

‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice,’ many of my generation are still not willing to wait, nonetheless endure a repeat of the injustices of the past.  This is among the many reasons why I, and millions of other Americans, am not going to ‘just give the new guy a chance to prove himself.’ 

Trump has already lost his opportunity to unite this nation behind his alt-version of reality.